Monday , July 26 2021

Build your do-it-yourself drone that actually flies for less than $ 45

The technology training and productivity apps are fantastic and all, but sometimes you just have to get rid of it and have fun, and that's where the latest TNW Deal comes in.

With the Force Flyers DIY Building Block Drone, you do not just have your flying drone to play with, but you create it yourself. At the moment, you can save $ 7 on one of these kits, up to only $ 42.99.

Of course, anyone can buy a drone. But not everyone has the power of the brain or intellectual curiosity to build on their own, and it is here that these Force Flyer kits not only stimulate your mind, they are also fun to fly.

The process is quite simple when you use a set of LEGO-esque bricks to model just about any drone design you like. Obviously, this does not mean that your project really takes off, requiring you to explore aspects of aerodynamics and weight distribution to design a vehicle capable of flying.

But once you've solved your design problems, you have a flying drone with a 6-axis gyroscope, ready to perform precision flight tactics. You can squeeze it through narrow spaces inside and outside and amaze viewers with a full set of acrobatic tricks like 360-degree stunts.

Made of splash-resistant plastic with self-stabilizing characteristics, this boat has a flight range of over 200 feet. Available in four fun kit variations (space, police, firefighter and army), this is the perfect STEM toy for a child with some ingenuity or an adult who is not over a little fun. Right now, cut 14% off with this limited time offer and get the kit of your choice for just $ 42.99.

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