Sunday , May 9 2021

Build your drone with these LEGO-compatible do-it-yourself kits

Do you remember receiving your first Lego set when you were a kid? They have been offered in a wide variety of projects, such as an X-wing Star Wars or Batman's Batmobile.

Each Lego set comes with a series of instructions that create a functional artwork, but the beauty of Lego bricks is that you can completely ignore the instructions and create something unique.

Did you want to create a spaceship that can fly through the stars? Or maybe you wanted to build a mythical dragon that rains fire on a defenseless knights party. You could do it and much more with the right pieces.

Well, almost. If you wanted a Lego set that could really take you to the skies, you had to use your imagination.

Nowadays, drones are incredibly popular and you can build your own flying creations with these Force Flyers DIU Building Block Drones for US $ 42.99.

PaulG Toys combined the imagination of customizable block sets with the technology behind the drones, allowing builders to take flight with their creations.

The Force Flyers drones are accompanied by a guide to key STEM concepts such as aerodynamics and weight distribution. The pieces include 6-axis gyroscopes that not only allow your creations to rise but also perform stunts like the weaving of obstacles and the 360 ​​° jumps.

The Force Flyers drones are made of impact-resistant ABS plastic, so you do not have to worry about damaging your drone when you start learning to stabilize it.

The 600 mAh battery provides up to 12 minutes of use, while the drone has a range of anywhere between 160 and 240 feet (48 to 73 meters), so you can take it to the field for open flights.

There are four Force Flyers drones: Space, Army, Fire Fighter and Police. Each has its own unique design, so you can collect all four drones for you and your friends or build a massive drone fleet if you have the money.

If you ever get bored of these projects, you can use your Lego bricks to create a unique flyer based on the STEM principles shared in the guide.

Each Force Flyers DIY Building Block Drone is on sale at ScienceAlert Academy for US $ 42.99, or 14% off.

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