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BUY vs. DIY: ideas for the renovation of the kitchen from the imagination to the frugal

Our kitchen renovation: before and after!

HSome renovation projects can easily become expensive, difficult and frustrating. I knew all of this when I undertook a kitchen makeover some years ago … and again last summer on another kitchen (different!). Through both renovations, however, I have learned a lot, particularly when leaving it to professionals and to do-it-yourself. What I have found is that most of the kitchen renovation can be done alone, even if your skills are limited! Whether you are willing to pay for the efficiency and competence of a professional or if you are ready to roll up your sleeves and try everything by yourself, we have you covered.

Keep in mind that because we are talking about large-scale projects for the home, the DIY section will include some purchases, but will reach lower budgets than the professional versions.

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When we redid the kitchen in our home, I ended up falling in love with recycled glass countertops. At the beginning I studied how to do these environmentally friendly meters, but everything I read says to leave it to professionals, and I'm really glad I did. A couple of years later and I still love these countertops (pictured above). Add a splash of bright colors without overwhelming the space.

Check out these Curve options.


We have recently renovated the countertops in a rented house of ours. Our budget was modest, so we needed to find do-it-yourself ways in a penny … or two. We saved thousands using a finishing kit, available online or at most home improvement stores. The instructions were clear, the actual work was quite simple and took only a couple of days (including the waiting time between one hand and the other for maximum drying). In the end, we turned some blah and basic counters into one with a rather stonewall finish, and we did not pay premium prices!

Buy a Daich Refinishing Desk Kit on Amazon for $ 151.



If your kitchen has many twists, curves and random curved corners, laying a new floor could become risky. Hire a professional to install. For a kitchen, find a material that resists heavy traffic and spills. I bang on bamboo floors, a sustainable option that looks pretty fabulous.

Discover flooring options a Supply of ecological buildings.


The imprint of our rental made the floor do-it-yourself easy. We tore up the worn tiles that looked like they were permanently stained with coffee, then they were inserted into the laminated panels. They look like wood, they are available in a variety of stains and finishes and are extremely easy to make for laymen. There is no messy tile glue and the boards can be easily cut to size with a cutter! The new floor (pictured above) gave the kitchen a more modern look, it took only two days for the installation, and costs much less than a professional installation.

Discover the flooring options at Home Depot.


Avital Norman Nathman


When it comes to cabinets, there are many options out there. If you have the money to spend, you can find a series of custom-designed cabinets in a variety of materials. The most expensive options can be customized. You can finally have that thin and tall cabinet that only keeps your pans or a drawer specially designed to hold all your spices.

Review the premium cabinet options a KraftMaid.


There are a range of do-it-yourself cabinets, depending on your budget. For one of our kitchen renovations, we ended up getting furniture from Ikea (much cheaper than anywhere else), and we put them together (pictured above). Nothing can help reinforce or break a marriage rather than put 10+ Ikea lockers together in a couple of days. If your budget does not get too long, consider refinishing the cabinets you have. In our restyling of our kitchen we have polished and polished the existing cabinets and changed the hardware to modernize the boring wood. It was much simpler and took only a couple of hours, and gave the kitchen a fresher look.

Buy polishing wood and balsam on Amazon$ 8



One way to really customize your kitchen is through art. Food-inspired art might seem obvious, but it's one of my favorite ways to animate space. If the rest of your kitchen is monochromatic enough, why not choose the art that provides a splash of color? There are a variety of various pieces of art in the kitchen, and if your budget is not a problem, you're sure to find the perfect match.

Buy a pair of French mushroom prints from One Kings Lane, $ 109.


If you do not have the funds to buy new art works, you can always get yourself a little bit! I once created a wall hanging from a picture I took on an Ikea placemat that had been sprinkled with sesame seeds (after having tasted a bagel). People keep commenting all the time, and I'm shocked when I explain that it's a photo print of a plastic placemat (pictured above)! A chromatic theme collage is another great DIY method for creating artwork. I found that cutout of images from magazines like National Geographic will provide you with some interesting images to work with. Shoot and organize magazine images from families of similar colors and you'll be amazed how they will add a touch of elegance to any room.



There are a lot of incredible options out there for kitchen curtains. Now, not all kitchens need curtains, but if you happen to have a window you'd like to keep hidden from time to time – your nosy neighbors do not need to know what you're eating for dinner every night! – you're in luck!

Buy a Set of 3-piece canvas kitchen curtains from Hayneedle, pictured above, starting at $ 18.


You do not have to be a sewing wizard to make your own curtains. Do you have old and pretty pillowcases and a bit of time? You can follow a tutorial to not sew to make kitchen curtains or even Roman shades! However, if you sew, it is relatively easy to even make kitchen curtains. Curtains can be a quick, easy and inexpensive way to add personality and style to your kitchen if you want to change them, but you're not ready yet for something super-drastic.

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