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Chris Lambton: “Bachelorette”, HGTV, do-it-yourself star in Raleigh

Bachelor Nation loyalists will probably remember Cape Cod landscaper Chris Lambton from his appearance in Season 6 on "The Bachelorette" in 2010, where he was one of the two finalists and the boy not chosen by bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky. (All right, though, Lambton has found love – right here in Raleigh!) But we'll talk later.)

More recently, Lambton has been a guest on HGTV / DIY "Yard Crashers" and "Lawn & Order." Lambton will return to Raleigh this weekend as a guest guest at the Southern Ideal Home Show.

We talked to Lambton on the phone Wednesday to get some tips for hurricane tired readers about how to clean up safely after a storm, how to fix some of the lawn and garden problems caused by floods and damaged trees, and how to prepare your property for the next storm (and there want be a coming storm).

Soon after, Lambton talked about gutters and downspouts. If they are clogged by the leaves of the recent storm, they may get stuck the next time it rains. "This is the first thing I control," he said. "If those overflow, it hurts the house."

Here are other suggestions.

Stay safe while cleaning

Lambton reminds us that most hurricane injuries occur after the storm, so safety is important. Some of the points he did:

Always make sure not to work near power lines. If you need to cut the branches near the power lines, call a professional.

Make sure your chainsaw is adjusted before the storm arrives. Do not use a chainsaw with an opaque chain, because it can kick back.

Steel boots are a must.

Whether you control gutters or shoots, make sure you have a spotter to hold the base of your ladder.

Pay attention to pungent insects. Lambton said he trampled three or four nests of yellow jackets while cleaning the storm and was stung. He suggests keeping an EpiPen handy if someone is allergic.

(We also asked Lambton what he thought of the phenomenon of flaming fire ants: "These are a reminder of the fact that nature is unbelievable and dangerous," he said. "I do not know what to do – I would run from the other side" .)

Repair your backyard

Rake leaves and debris and check for ugly stains in the grass left over from flooding or from pooling the water. "Now is a good period of the year to aerate and fly over, and this will help to report any areas damaged during the flood," Lambton said.

When it comes to trees and shrubs, Lambton said we may not know what is damaged until next spring, but there are things we can do to help shrubs and plants that have gone through a hurricane.

"Nature is quite resistant," Lambton said. "If you have sown mostly native species, they are used to it and they are probably good … The hydrangeas may be more delicate … Cut away the damaged branches, and with bigger perennial plants, go ahead and pull them close to the ground and they will come back stronger in spring. "

Lambton also suggests the addition of fertilizer around the base of any bush or plant that has been immersed for a long time. "This will give them energy to combat any disease," he said.

Safe before the storm

You do not want to run off during a storm to chase a grill that blows through the yard. Here's how Lambton makes sure that its contents are safe:

"I like buying 50 to 100 feet of cheap rope, it's great to tie the grid to the bridge poles or something on your house so that it can not blow through the backyard … When the storm is over, cut the rope and throw it away, and you'll still have enough for the next storm.It's a cheap and easy way to make sure nothing gets wiped out in the back yard. "

Lambton to Raleigh

As mentioned earlier, Lambton met his wife Peyton Wright when he was playing a Jimmy V Charity golf tournament in Raleigh in 2010. He had just finished his time in "The Bachelorette" and Chris Harrison was trying to convince him to be the next star of "The Bachelor" (refused). Lambton brought a friend of the show, Jesse Beck, and Beck met Wright from "The Bachelor Pad" (another spinoff in the "Bachelor" universe). Wright, like Lambton, had been second classified when she was in season 10 of "The Bachelor". She happened to visit Asheville with her parents while Beck and Lambton were in Raleigh, so she went to hang herself.

"Nine months later, I proposed," Lambton said. They got married in 2012 and have a daughter of almost 2 years, Lila James, and another child in December. They live in Cape Cod, where Peyton has an interior design company called Wash Ashore Home. The two worked on different houses together.

Peyton will not make the trip to Raleigh this weekend, but Lambton said they are back from their first meeting here. His father-in-law graduated from the School of Architecture of the Northern State and visited Raleigh with him for meetings.

During this weekend's Southern Home Show, Lambton will talk about his background and give tips on how to make the most of your backyard and how to get a little bit of charm for your home.

If you want to capture it on TV, its shows "Yard Crashers" and "Lawn & Order" are always on air on HGTV and do-it-yourself. The new episodes of "Lawn & Order" will begin next spring.

Ideal southern house show

When: 10 am to 8 pm Friday and Saturday, 21-22 September and 11: 00-18: 00 Sunday 23 September

Where is it: N.C. State Fairgrounds (Expo Center), 1025 Blue Ridge Road, Raleigh

Cost: For adults, tickets cost $ 7 online and $ 10 at the door (use the HOME online promotional code for $ 6 tickets). Children up to 12 years enter free.


See Chris Lambton at the Fresh Ideas Stage at 4pm Friday, September 21st; 1 and 4 p.m. Saturday 22 September; and 1:00 Sunday, September 23rd.

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