Thursday , June 24 2021

Create your own sitting area by following these do-it-yourself steps

POLOKWANE – Here's a do-it-yourself project step by step to make your new favorite place in your outdoor area:

You will need some wooden pallets, nails or cable ties, paint, a brush and some cushions and decorations.

• Take some wooden pallets that can usually be bought or even taken for free.

• Stack pallets of the same size one above the other until you reach the desired place. Make sure the pallets are the same size.

• Tie the pallets together with cable ties or screws to make sure they stay in place. You can leave the pallets as they are or make them a little smoother.

• Use a brush and paint the pallets of the color you like. Using an exterior or exterior paint works better. You can also paint the pallets roughly to give it an altered appearance.

• Place one of the pallets on the stack or on the back to create the back of the sofa and use cable ties or teams to secure them and hold them in place.

• Cut the wood to the size of the seat to give the same support when sitting.

Cut a piece of wood to fit your seat for more comfort.

• Now decorate with pillows and cushions and take a seat while you enjoy your new addition to the open.

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