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Decorations for Halloween open to the public budget “CBS Philly

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FILADELFIA (CBS) – To really set the scene for trick or treaters, it's about decking your backyard with macabre creatures. But it is not necessary to break the bank and spend a lot of money on sorcerers, witches and gravestones to bring out your home. Rather, take what you have around the house and get smart. Here are three ways you can make your haunted house the most spectral in the neighborhood.

Light up your catwalk

Save your old milk cartons for this fun craft that even children can help. This do-it-yourself boat will help to welcome all the tricks or therapists of your home by creating some nice ghosts to greet everyone as they arrive and say goodbye as they leave. Before starting, be sure to wash and remove any adhesives from the milk plastic cartons.

Budget friendly milk pitchers decorations in the open Halloween

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  • Empty plastic milk boxes
  • Black construction paper (or Black Sharpie)
  • Scissors
  • String of Christmas lights


There are two ways to create a "ghost" on the milk carton. Either trace and cut out the ghost's eyes and mouth on black construction paper, or use a black marker to draw directly on the milk carton. If you decide to draw on the cardboard, leave the top of the jug, as this will keep the air in the jug, which means that it will not dent when you apply the pressure of the penknife. Once the ghost's face is created, cut out a hole the size of a penny at the bottom of the pitcher. So, string the Christmas lights so that a light is in each of the boxes. Turn on the lights and watch the illuminated walkway!

Creepy spiders and spiders handcrafted

Who is not afraid of spiders? This boat takes something we all have at home – black trash bags, not spiders – and creates a super easy craft that can decorate both the exterior and the interior of your home. If you run out of time, go for the cobwebs. But if you want your house full of creepy creepers from top to bottom, build some spiders to do it.

Halloween windows Budget Friendly DIY Decorations for Halloween outdoors

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  • Black garbage bags
  • Back Sharpie
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Newspaper (or other packaging materials, such as leaves)
  • Glue gun


Start by doing the "cobwebs". To do this, place the flat garbage bags flat, cut in half and remove the sides and bottom, so you have two rectangular shapes. Take one of the pieces and fold it into a triangle; fold twice more, keeping it in the shape of a triangle. Feel free to use the tape if you need to keep the triangle in place. Describe how you want the web to appear, then crop the negative space, leaving only the "web". Repeat until you have all the networks you want!

For every spider you want to make, you'll need nine garbage bags. Start by making the spider body; To do this, fill a bag with the packing materials and then seal it closed. Now it's time to make your legs; while the garbage bag is on the side, fill the bottom (according to the length) of the bag so that all the stuffing is on one side. Then roll the garbage bag around the filling so that it looks like a spider's leg; finish it by binding it. Repeat another seven times to complete the legs. Complete assembly of the spider using a glue gun to attach the spider's legs to the body! Hang the spider on the entrance or outside the home to greet your guests.

A disturbing front porch

Haunted House Budget Friendly DIY Decorations for Halloween in the open

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While you can always voluntarily offer a family member to hide on the porch to scare away tricks or curators, there are also other ways to set the tone. Give your porch a renewal of sorts by draping all your garden furniture with white sheets to make it look like your home has been abandoned. Some fake spiderwebs, taken from your local dollar store, can also add to the effect. A last bonus way to make your spooky porch before the trick or the players ring the bell? Cover some dummy heads in a gauze to make people crawl out.

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