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Discover how to shoot unique interiors with these tips from 6 professionals

In the picture: [1] Rebecca Martyn [2] Rebecca Martyn


I always use natural light, never a glow. It's the best way to capture the feeling of the room. The colors and the light of the window will give the image the contrast it needs. When I work with interiors, I always work with a stylist. We complement each other in order to get the right result. We do not renew; instead, we use the interior that is in the image in front of us. Maybe we add something or remove something small, but we always let the style of the person who lives there shine through.

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3. "Go up a high stool, or look down to find different perspectives."

Karen Culp

Discover how to shoot unique interiors with these 6 Pro tips: try new perspectives

Image by Karen Culp. Gear: Canon EOS 6D camera, 17 mm Tilt Shift lens. Settings: Exposure 1/13 sec; f11; ISO 100.

What's the story behind this picture?

I was commissioned to photograph a recently renovated penthouse condominium for an architecture firm. Three condominiums have been reunited in one, and the original kitchen has been expanded and obtained a remarkable update. The idea was to capture the elegant appearance, the clean and modern lines, the refined craftsmanship and the finest details. I love this shot because the angle emphasizes the warmth and the openness of the space and makes it feel huge.

Discover how to shoot unique interiors with these 6 Pro tips: note small details

Image by Karen Culp.


Before shooting, explore the entire space to see if something unique draws your attention. Note angles, textures, lights and shadows. Go up a tall stool, or look from the bottom to find different perspectives. Sometimes the first thing that strikes you becomes your winning shot.

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4. "Creating an image or a perfect shot is decided in a fraction of a second."

Marjon Hoogervorst

Discover how to shoot unique interiors with these 6 Pro tips: look for possibilities

Image of Marjon Hoogervorst. Gear: PhaseOne P30 + camera, Schneider 35mm lens. Settings: Exposure 1/80 sec; F5.6; ISO 400.

What's the story behind this picture?

Anne de Jongh, the woman you see in this picture, is a great designer, currently working for one of the best Dutch designers: Piet Boon. Together with her husband and two cats, she lives in the center of Amsterdam in a delightful tiny apartment full of treasures, drawings and fashion. The apartment really shows who I am, and I love all their designs and inspirations.

In this photo, he moves away from the roof terrace in his cozy bedroom under the roof (you can see the old wooden beams). In the corner on the left, you see her bed with her crisp white sheets. Amsterdam is quite expensive for young designers, so choose a relatively small life with creative solutions. I love interaction and space. The cat was looking at her like, "What are you doing?"

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