Sunday , May 9 2021

DIY Arduino 360 floor camera on the backdrop

Camera drop to the ground on the sea of ​​Arduino 360

Anyone interested in exploring under 30 meters below the waves could be interested in a new 360 ° camera with a seabed created using a small Arduino hardware and programming. The drop camera with Arduino technology is able to dive up to 1000 m to provide 360-degree video and pressure and temperature readings.

The drop camera was created during an internship with Blue Robotics and the camera project is advertised as the world's first dropcam for end users. "I worked in deep water AUV as an intern for an offshore solutions company, in case we needed our vehicle to return to the surface after a catastrophic failure (like power loss), our weight reduction system consisted of a mechanism spring that was held together by an electromagnet.You can search for "electromagnet padlocks" on Amazon and find a variety of cheap electromagnets that can hold several hundred pounds of weight as long as there's a current flowing through them, and they can even be easily prepared for submarine use if you know how to become creative with epoxy. "

"However, in reality you only need to regulate a minimum amount of weight, as the release mechanism can be designed to open after the magnet is released.You are sacrificing a simple piece of steel replaceable with every drop, and now you have a & # 39 • full-proof execution if you lose power, this could allow you to maximize release times, as you will not need to "save" energy to burn a drop "

More details jump on the official Reddit post by following the link below.

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