Thursday , July 29 2021

DIY game controller Raspberry Pi RetroPie hand held

Game Controller DIY Raspberry Pi RetroPie

Gamers and Raspberry Pi enthusiasts looking for a project to keep them busy for some weekends may be interested in a new project created by Finn Andersen. The use of Raspberry Pi is free, RetroPie and the small 3D printing.

Equipped with a handheld Raspberry Pi gaming console with 5-inch car reversing screen and a 3D printed case to hold the mini PC and other components. They were connected together in a way very similar to this diagram of Sudomod's GameBoy Zero project in the picture below.

Finn explains a little more about the impressive Raspberry Pi project. "Initially I was planning to follow in the footsteps of other online projects that provided a completely 3D body with a rather simple squared design.I was not a CAD master, so I would have difficulty creating a model with aesthetic and ergonomic curved sections for grips. I had ordered a pair of cheap generic console controllers with the intent of looting them for their joysticks and buttons, but when I held them in my hand I realized that it would make a lot of sense to also use the body; to reinvent the wheel. "

Raspberry Pi handheld

More details on invoices and how to create your personal jump to the Media website by following the link below.

Source: Adafruit

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