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DIY SOS and Nick Knowles are back in Gloucestershire for a new extraordinary episode, that’s when he’s on BBC One

It is the most exciting show on TV and DIY SOS: The Big Build he is taking another visit to Gloucestershire for one of his most exciting episodes.

Millions of BBC One viewers will see Nick Knowles and designer Laurence Llewelyn Bowen in Avening, near Stroud, to help project manager Ben Wernham whose life has been changed by a bizarre vacationing incident.

The next week's episode will present the nation to Ben, who was in Cyprus with his partner Ella Constable and daughters Iris and Olivia when she slipped and fell headlong into the lower part of a pool, breaking her neck in three places.

After months of treatment in Cyprus and Germany, he finally returned to the United Kingdom, where Salisbury's spinal unit made incredible progress over the next 12 months.

Ben Wernham during the shoot

Despite his life-changing wounds, there was hope: if Ben could go home, he would reunite with his family and he could work from home again as a project manager.

But to realize this dream, his house had to be adapted with front access and a two-story extension with a floor lift, along with everything for the tailored care Ben would need.

Presenter of SOS do-it-yourself Nick Knowles

The program will be screened Wednesday, October 3 at 8:00 pm, and in its advertising for the program, the BBC said: "Avening is a special place.

"The local community here has donated their time and money to cut out the steep stone hill to one of the two extensions and throw a concrete ramp from the road to the entrance door, but the funds are gone.

"Now the DIY SOS team is joining forces with this generous community to complete the construction."

Laurence Llewlyn Bowen

People in Gloucestershire are not strangers to the way DIY SOS turns lives.

Among the people who have been helped in Gloucestershire and its surroundings is the athlete Scott Jones of Cheltenham, seriously ill, Antonia Payne-Cheney of Eckington, near Tewkesbury and the paralyzed father Ben Wernham of Avening, near Stroud.

A week before the filming of the last episode of Gloucestershire started in Avening in June 2016, Nick Knowles has called on local merchants to lend a hand.

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SOS do-it-yourself in Avening

Friends and family in the village and surrounding area have raised over 100,000 pounds to adapt the home and work from June 13th to June 22nd.

She moved ahead of the great June 22nd revelation, and Gloucestershire Live was there for the magic moment.

However, we have sworn to keep the secret of the final work done.

Billie Byrne with alumni of the Avening School

Speaking after work, Ella said: "We are so grateful to all those who have helped or offered words of support since the news of the accident broke out.

Ben was made tetraplegic, losing the use of his limbs and his body, when he slipped and fell into the pool while on vacation in Cyprus with his family.

From the accident, Ben wanted to go home, stay with his family.

Ben emerges from home

The basics began at the beginning of 2016 to adapt the family home in Avening, near Nailsworth, to allow Ben's final return, however, much more needs to be done.

DIY BBC SOS: The Big Build helped the family by building a lateral extension on the property.

And when it was revealed to him for the first time – a moment that viewers will see next week – tears rolled down for hundreds of happy faces.

"I did not expect to see that amount of people," Ben told Gloucestershire Live at the time.

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"What everyone has done to help me and my family, I can not put it into words, it's been a long time since I came back to the village.

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DIY SOS: The Big Build in Gloucestershire

"I know everyone has collected so much money, it was absolutely shocking."

He and Ella have turned to the crowd with the show anchor Nick Knowles after being shown around the house and the garden – what was done in just 10 days must remain a well kept secret until the show was broadcast.

The Reveal

"I am speechless", She told the crowd at the great revelation. "In order to be together again, being able to get into every room, you can not imagine what it means." Thanks. "

One of the most touching moments of many when the emotions were unleashed was when Olivia, in front of a crowd of several hundred, identified her father Luke Powell, who worked every day on the build.

A sea of ​​traders and women separated and Olivia hugged her father, who worked in the loft at 40 ° C, warmer to help get the job done.

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"It was fantastic," said Luke. "All the trades go on, everyone raises one another, it was like a kiln up there though."

"We are so proud of the work you did," Nick told the crowd. "This is the first time that Ben has returned home – you did."

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