Saturday , May 8 2021

Do-it-yourself electric wind turbines | News on Mother Earth

Use a do-it-yourself self-made wind turbine on your property to create electricity from natural wind energy.

Do it yourself projects to get yourself out of the grid (Skyhorse Publishing, 2018) of is illustrated with dozens of color photographs per project accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions. This Instructables collection uses the best the online community has to offer, transforming a group of far-reaching people into a gigantic database that churns out ideas to make life better, easier and, in this case, more environmentally friendly, as this volume exemplifies . Twenty Instructables illustrates how simple it is to create a chicken house in the yard or turn a wine barrel into a rainwater collector.

Several years ago I bought some remote properties in Arizona. I am an astronomer and I wanted a place to practice my hobby away from the terrible light pollution that is close to cities of any real size. I found a great piece of property. The problem is that it is so remote that no electrical service is available. This is not really a problem. No electricity is equivalent to any light pollution. However, it would be nice to have at least some electricity, since so much of life in the twenty-first century depends on it.

One thing I noticed immediately about my property is that most of the time the wind is blowing. Almost from the moment I bought it, I had the idea of ​​mounting a wind turbine and doing some electricity, and then adding some solar panels. This is the story of how I did it. Not with an expensive turbine bought in the shop, but with a built house that costs very little. If you have some manufacturing skills and some electronic know-how, you can even build one.

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