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Do-it-yourself festivals in Ferndale still thrills

Do-it-yourself festivals in Ferndale still thrills

Do-it-yourself festivals in Ferndale still thrills

(Sam Gurwin, 23 September 2018)

Ferndale, MI – The Ferndale Do-it-yourself Festival with over 65,000 annual visitors and 150 Art Vendors gets bigger every year – literally. This year's Do-It-Yours celebration has expanded further on East Nine Mile Road, and has had more entertaining groups than ever before.

Sponsored by Woodward Avenue Brewers, DIY is the traditional late-summer show that includes dozens of artists, live music, food trucks, alcohol, carnival games, a live DJ and, of course, the best variety of local creators who create their merchandise.

Taylor Clark of Rochester Hills has "Theme Crème", a line of creams and lotions for skin and health. "It's a lot of fun and I recognize a lot of people from other shows," he said, calling DIY a "success".

A nearby stand was full of little furry monsters called "Cool Critters". Their creator, Jess Sheeran from Cleveland, Ohio, is a DIY habitual. "I like the appearance of people who come up and are a bit ridiculous and smiling," said Sheeran.

In a large white tent marked "Postergeist", there were ten poster artists. Among these was Jeremy Wheeler from Ann Arbor. "The do-it-yourself is always good," Wheeler said as he highlighted his fascinating style posters from the 60s and 70s.

As the day turned into evening, people started wearing sport jackets and the crowd grew. Musical acts were hopping, with sounds ranging from relaxed rock, hip hop and even Irish music. A DJ rocked East Nine Mile, while the artists took the main stage of East Troy.

Interpreters included The Dam Leslies, Black Tie Circus, Honeybabe, Stone Clover and Too Many Zooz. The program for Sunday is Ancient Language, Tunde Olaniran and Reverend Peyton and His Big Damn Band. Find out more about this celebration of all things created locally at

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