Tuesday , July 27 2021

Do-it-yourself Halloween decorations: Haunted Ghost Hands Mirror

These are not your mother's cotton webs!

For some really scary Halloween decors, do everything with this wonderful and obsessive DIY master's job, Martha Stewart. Our intelligent and intelligent creation – and surprisingly simple – is this haunted mirror with the hands of ghosts, presented in the October issue of Martha Stewart Living, which is also published by the parent company of PEOPLE. Just use their model or create one using only a copier (and a friend).

See Martha's step-by-step guide on how to do the do-it-yourself yourself.

Hands model of infested mirror
Paper for stickers projects
Measuring tape
White pencil
Craft knife

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1. Measure the height and width of the mirror you want to cover. Go to your local copy store and give them the model file (downloadable here) and the mirror measurements. Tell them that you want to have the image in the file printed on removable transparent vinyl sticker for the size of your mirror. (FedEx Office can create them starting at $ 78 per square foot).

2. At home, place the print on the mirror, framing the image of the spectral hands in a pleasant way. Trace around and cut, then adhere according to instructions and cut with a craft knife if necessary.

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3. If you prefer to create one from scratch: copy your hands (ask a friend to press the button), scan the print and bring the scanned file to the copy shop to print on removable transparent vinyl sticker. Or photocopy each coat separately on a transparent adhesive paper and put your macabre masterpiece together.

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For the most ghostly Halloween jobs, take Martha Stewart LivingThe October issue.

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