Thursday , June 24 2021

Do-it-yourself project for the week: Dreamcatcher | Bengaluru News

You mostly saw the dreamcatchers on a trip to Commercial Street, Brigade Road and shopping centers. It is believed that they have been conceptualized by Native American tribes, who believe that if you hang a dream catcher over your bed, the palmate design in the center traps negative dreams, allowing only the positive dreams to pass through. If your dreamcatcher has a bead in the middle, then the belief is that negative dreams are captured in the bead and only good dreams are filtered and sent to you. And the negative dreams that remain trapped, ask. It is believed that they are evaporated from the sun when the first rays are resting on them. Whether this fairytale myth is true or not is a debate for another day. The fact is that these artistic and feathered creations look beautiful in every room and, in reality, are really simple to make. Let's go cracking ….


Create the center of your circle: apply a lace design to the frame or create a simple threaded net. Creating the storyline is easy, but requires a little time and patience. If you want to create your threaded net, start by fixing the thread on the frame, making a knot on the top of your dream catcher. Take the thread through the frame, below and above, with the distance of an annular ring between each ring. Once you have covered the circumference of the entire frame and you have reached the top node, the second time, run the cycles through the existing layer, fixing them at the center of each ring of the first layer. Repeat this process until you reach the center. You can place a heel here or you can fix it by creating a small circle.

Extra Frills: now apply feathers, beads and lace strips as you wish. This is the playground for your imagination, so it becomes creative.

Finishing touches: attach a ring to the top of your dream catcher and now you can hang it anywhere you tend to doze at home. Dreams of gold!


– A circular circle: it can be a metal ring, an old gasket for a cooker or even an embroidery frame

– Pearls, threads, feathers, lace strips, old earrings: any little intricate thing that you hold dear and that you want to attach to the loop.

– Wire and needle: if you want to create a simple web for the center (cheat code: buy a simple design of lace large enough to fit the frame and attach it to the frame)

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