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Do-it-yourself project: upcycle a rubber in a pouf

This super stylish outdoor footrest hides a recycled old tire.


This super stylish outdoor footrest hides a recycled old tire.

Upcycle an old tire in this super stylish outdoor footrest.

You will need:

• 1 old tire
• 9mm sisal rope (the required quantity varies according to the size of the tire – I needed 5 packs of 15m)
• 6 mm layer for top and base
• Optional feet: 20 mm timber or similar cut into 4 squares, 65 mm x 65 mm pieces
• Suitable glue and small brush
• Some thin-gauge nails (to keep the rope in place while the glue dries)
• Jigsaw
• Screwdriver and screws of 8g x 50mm
• Sand paper
• Tape measure and pencil
• Stain and brush (I used Resene Woodsman Wood)

Cost: $ 95 excluding tire and paint

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Find a suitable (free) old tire. I got mine from a local tire shop. One with flat-ish sides is large, but not critical. Clean carefully and allow to dry.

2. Calculate the dimensions of the top floor required. It should adapt so that the rope work remains flush on the upper edge of the tire. Mark the circle on plywood and cut out. For the base and feet, cut a second wider circle. Cut your feet.

3. Paint the pieces of wood. I used Resene Waterbourne Woodsman at Skywater. Allow to dry. Attach the upper rim with the screws through the layer and into the tire. Mark the center of the circle. Glue and screw the feet to the base and attach them to the bottom of the tire.

4. Following the instructions carefully, apply the glue as indicated, and starting from the center, form a tight circle around the end of the rope and work outward keeping the rope in order and firmly against the previous line. Work in stages. Hook and use the nails, if necessary, to hold the rope in place and let it dry before continuing.

5. Turn the gum upside down to help complete the base. Work the rope tightly against the edge of the base board. Cut the rope on one corner and make sure it is glued in place. Allow to dry.

6. Once the glue is completely dry, paint with the color chosen for coloring, working with the brush in the sisal. Allow to dry.

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