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Do-it-yourself wardrobe: how to build a wardrobe

For many of us, keeping our clothes tidy is a continuous battle. But it does not have to be that way, so review your wardrobe with specialized storage ideas that are specifically designed to optimize your available space. From sliding doors to shoe shelves, from soft wardrobe inserts and cable storage, there's a solution to every crisis – even if your footwear collection would make you jealous Imelda Marcos! Here is exactly how to build your do-it-yourself wardrobe.


Make a statement with a wire storage solution for maximum urban chic (pictured above). Take a look Romak chrome-plated wardrobe with six baskets, 1785 x 910 x 460mm, $ 199; standard flush cabinet, 1820 x 910 x 460 mm, $ 99, bunnings.


The big do-it-yourself version of the bathrobes is the flat pack. Using cabinets and flat pack accessories and doing it yourself, you can have the $ 5000 built-in look for around $ 2000. Just add your effort! These cabinets are easily available – all you need is to put them together. If the depth is a problem, notice that a cabinet must have a depth of at least 580 mm so that the clothes can be hung correctly. To make it look recessed, covered on the side and top with wall panels and matching frame.

Doors of the closet

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Have you had enough of the large mirrors on your wardrobe door? When they do not do you any favor first thing in the morning, cover them with the look of gorgeous French panels. Very cool! This do-it-yourself project will bring you the best part of a day and you will be swept away by the results. Follow our instructions step by step.

Shelves for shoes

Make this inclined shelf supported by front legs and wall. The cut in the lower part and the cone in the sides allow the weight of the unit to push it firmly against the wall. The shelf can hold around 15 pairs of shoes. Find out how to build yours here.


Give a basic wardrobe to a makeover of sewing with pegboard so you can hang small shelves and other organizers, such as letter holders, from hooks. The pretty vases are great for pens and pencils, while the transparent acrylic containers are excellent for selection and to show off your small supplies like stakes, ribbons, washi tapes and the like. And if you can mount a mini-file, do it!

Are you looking for more do-it-yourself inspiration? Take a look at these five do-it-yourself storage solutions.

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