Thursday , July 29 2021

do it yourself with Krikor / Danielle / Yesawi + Residents at The Yard, London

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The sound of Krikor consists of a kaleidoscopic mixture of dub, hip-hop, Chicago house, funk and much more. Take it to The Yard together with Danielle from Phonica.

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Krikor [L.I.E.S / Editions Gravats]
Danielle [Phonica / NTS]Yesawi [NowhereFactory]+ residents

SOLO DA SOLO [diy]FRIDAY & # 39; 28 SEPTEMBER 2018
22:00 – 4:00

Krikor //

He works obsessively to extract the true substance of the machines. The composer, sharp and rough, developed a unique sound identity under a series of pseudonyms, a crazy mess in which dub, home of Chicago and the dirtiest rocks frantically joined. Refusing to choose between Errorsmith and Lee Perry, Krikor Kouchian builds, makes mistakes, undoes. An empirical, experimental but accessible approach that lays the foundations of all its projects.

Twenty years spent in recording studios with a flurry of influences to show for this, which would become the material for an LP published on the New York label L.I.E.S. The album, entitled Pacific Alley, evokes every sound that left an impression on him: Prince's funk, hip-hop, the culture of videoclubs and the bizarre film of B. Designed as a a short sonic feature, this LP could bring thugs to tears and has already found its way to convertible stereos all over the world.

Danielle //

A DJ and a London illustrator, currently based in Bristol. In the last two years he has had the opportunity to play in some of the best parties in the city, including Timedance, Livity Sound and Young Echo, as well as some of the best clubs in the world such as Corsica Studios, Sub Club and Griessmeule.

His sets include a wide range of genres, from deep house to left, to electro, to new wave, to UK techno and beyond. Draw from an informed selection of cuts from old school houses, keeping up with the latest dance music. This is thanks to a musical education that continues to expand with its 9 years (and counting) of work at Phonica Records, internationally known. In addition to regularly hosting NTS shows, she is a resident alongside Daisy Moon at BRSTL (a monthly club night featuring Bristol's talents) and is one of the guides to the increasingly popular DJ Mix based in Bristol Mix Nights.

Yesawi //

A different sound, deeply rooted in his exposure to different cultures, having lived in several countries during his early childhood. Yesawi brings a unique, meticulously mixed blend, paying tribute to the world's influences and opening the dance floor as a space for full freedom of expression.

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