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Hello and welcome to the DIY presentation function, Get To Know … With two new shows a week, the function does pretty much what it says on the tin: approaching a bit to the most beautiful new acts that have attracted our pay attention late, and understand what makes them more interesting.

We recently introduced you to the producer and singer of Margate Art School Girlfriend, Jerry Paper, a native of LA, who has made some wonderful pops, Black Belt Eagle Scout native of Portland and the singer-songwriter of Liverpool Pizzagirl. Next, we are with Brooke Bentham.

In previous songs, Brooke opted for a more striking and traditional sound, but in her latest release, produced by Bill Ryder-Jones "Out Of My Mind", she takes things in a more optimistic direction.

Since sharing the song, Brooke has also been touring in support of Soccer Mommy across the UK and Europe and is currently organizing the follow-up of her previous two EPs: "This Rapture" and "The Room Swayed" .

You know Brooke better a little better and listen to his music below.

Hey baby, are you constantly in an existential state? Me too. Let's kick.

Hmmm. My family was not really that musical when I was young. My uncle played the guitar and lived below us so I could hear it playing. He went to the trumpet when I went to the university. Has! I would like to have interesting stories, but honestly, how to go and see McFly at the Metro Radio Arena was my first concert.

When I was just starting out, they were Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver and Laura Marling. When I started playing guitar, I used a lot of open tunings because they sound good, no matter what you do, and many of those bands have written beautiful songs with open tunings. Lyrically, I have been influenced a lot by Joanna Newsom, Yo La Tengo and Angel Olsen.

I'm based in London but I come from South Shields. South Shields does not have much music scene, you have to go to Newcastle to do it – or so it was when I was living there anyway. There are a lot of interesting things coming out of Newcastle, but I left before I really had a chance to do a lot there. I did street artists' evenings with Sam (Fender) because we had a friend who put on these evenings, but I never did real concerts.

Sam is obviously doing well now, but it's one of those we all knew would explode. It was just a waiting game when we lived in Newcastle because he had been writing for so long. It inspires me a lot, I remember I told him I had nothing to write and he was like, "Brooke can literally write anything." You can say it in his lyrics, he pulls it out of the man anywhere. Another artist I love and love from Newcastle is Imogen. She's a very nice singer-songwriter and moved to London a year after me, so it's nice to have this connection of home music in a place that's not like home.

I would like to work with Sufjan Stevens. My dream partner changes day by day, but it would be great to work with him. We would do an anthem.

In 2018, I'm not doing much for the rest of the year. I'm really excited to take part in this tour with Soccer Mommy. We have done three shows so far and it is such a joy to watch them every night. I'm a fucking band. I also really like working with Bill Ryder-Jones. We should do some more recording and writing before the year, so it's fun.

I mean, I do not know. I think that for me, making music is cathartic. He is not trying to say something really important. Take it as you want, if I enjoy doing it and you enjoy listening to it – it's nice, is not it?

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