Wednesday , July 6 2022

Epic says that blockchain games are ‘open’ after Steam bans them


Says Epic Here is the approximate moment of doing Unlike its competitor Valve, which has “cryptocurrency-blocking or blockchain-based assets” in its cryptocurrency store, Blockchain technology or NFT has banned the game from Steam. When asked about allowing games that include the NFT, Epic told us that it has some limitations but would like to work with “early developers” in the “new field”.

Epic says sports must comply with financial rules, explain how blockchain is used, and have appropriate age ratings. It also says that developers will not be able to use Epic’s payment service to accept crypto; Instead, they will have to use their own payment methods.

Epic CEO Tim Sweeney said the company was not interested in touching the NFT, but that statement now only applies to its own games. Says Epic Here is the approximate moment of doing It clarifies the rules as it works with developers to understand how blockchain technology is meant to be used in their games.

This means that developers who have been fired by Steam can go faster to the Epic Sports Store and boost their game. Epic’s self-publishing program is currently in a closed beta, and Epic’s FAQs select who can be contacted “based on events”. However, Epic has proven itself to be a somewhat licensed platform owner – which was a matter of controversy at the trial with Apple, when lawyers brought “offensive and sexy” games from “Ichio” available. At the sports shop.

Allowing vapor barrier games is another way to compete with Epic Valves. Epic has already shown that it is ready to make big bets trying to make its store a major player in the computer game space, and for some players or developers this may be just another game to put aside. Some NFT fans watched the epic as soon as the news of the steam broke. Engine, a company that helps developers integrate NFT with their products (including SpacePirerate They tweeted about removing their game from the steam) Our Steam article has been retweetedTalking to speak, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney tagged. Now they seem to have answered at least one question.

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