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First Call: Chase Claypool Jabs Browns, Sydney Crosby talk about long-term future after losing Stallers

There are more inappropriate dirty stories from a Steelers player about the Cleveland Browns.

Penguins captain Sidney Crosby is thinking long and hard about his future. Several former Steelers may have been mixed for the Philadelphia Eagles head coaching job. Former Penn State coach Bill O’Brien gets a new gig.

That’s all in Tuesday’s “First Call”.

They… just can’t… stop යපින්

Even in defeat, Steelers can’t avoid making headlines out of a wide range of clients.

Or feet.

First, it was the logo dance of Juju Smith-Schuster of Buffalo and Cincinnati. Before the Steelers humbly spoke to Cleveland about the loss over the weekend, he quoted the now-famous “Browns the Browns.”

Well, maybe it wasn’t so humble. This is because Chase Claypool was carrying a jab at the Browns in Tiktok on Monday when he beat his team on Sunday.

“Bad loss,” Claypool said. “But the Browns will clap next week. So all is well. ”

Chase, their coaching staff did not attend. Their line of aggression was patchwork. Nailed by the secondary Covid-19. But Cleveland still tore you to 48-37. They beat you twice in three games.

I’ll ask you something, Rookie. What would Kansas City do for you if you went to Arohead this weekend? Can you imagine being “applauded”?

I know if your team beat Cleveland on Sunday, they would be applauded by Buffalo. Do you know how I know it? I saw them do it for you once this season.

Do you know who “applauded” you? Bungles.

Put the phone down and clean your own back before you talk about better groups.

Slipping on a line with Father Time

The Penguin star was Sydney Crosby 105.9 X Wednesday.

Our Mark Madden asked the team leader if he ever thought about the end of his career.

Crosby seems to be well aware of his hockey mortality rate. But the 33-year-old is not exactly a threat.

“It (the end of his career) is a little closer than the beginning. It tends to cross your mind a little more, ”Crosby said. “But I don’t think I’ll go as far as time. I never thought about aging when I was young. I don’t think much of it as I get older.

“It is a competitive league. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. But I love it so much and I like to play as much as I can. But that’s the tendency you realize when you’re my age. ”

Crosby is about to start his 16th NHL season. He has played 984 regulars in the NHL and 168 on the field.

From O’Brien ‘Bama?

Former Penn State coach Bill O’Brien is likely to get a new job.

According to Bruce Feldman of Fox Sports, he is expected to replace Steve Sarkisian as the aggressive coordinator for Alabama.

O’Brien was recently the coach and general manager of Houston Texans.

If familiar

Doug Pederson has left as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. has hired Kansas City Chiefs Attack Coordinator Eric Beanimi and K.C. They are both at 4/1.

Two former Steelers are on the list.

Deuce Staley ran backwards in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia during his playing days. He is currently the Eagles’ assistant head coach and running coach. He was nominated as a prospective candidate via

“I hope Deuce Style will be a candidate,” said owner Jeffrey Lowry. “He is a great representative of the Eagles, he knows our values. I hope he will be part of the search as well. ”

Styley ranks eighth on the list at 15/2. Former Steelers quarterback and current Trump Bay aide Byron Leftwich are 13th at 16/1.

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