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Get started with Quizizz – Help Center

Welcome on board! We look forward to welcoming you to join our fantastic community of teachers who use Quizizz every day in their classrooms!


We have prepared this quick guide to help you get started. Quizizz is very easy to use and you will be a #QuizizzWiz in no time!

What is Quizizz?

Quizizz is a Autogestito learning tool that helps each student to celebrate their results. Teachers incorporate Quizizz in education, review and evaluation support students in Pre-K through college. It's so easy to learn and completely FREE!

Some teachers have learned and implemented the tool in just 5 minutes.

Overview of the Quizizz homepage


1-> This page contains the public quiz library. You can search for quizzes based on the name of the quiz or the user name of the quiz creator.

2-> "My quizzes" contains all the quizzes you have created. It also contains "Collections" which are the folders used to organize quizzes. To find out more about the collections, click here.

3-> "Create" takes you to the Quiz Editor so you can create your own quizzes. To learn more, please click here.

4-> "Reports" includes the results for all the games you hosted. More information on the reports, here.

5-> Save and create custom memes for your games. Click here to start with your memes!

How can I start a game?

To play on Quizizz, you can choose from our public quiz library or create your own quiz!

Once you've chosen a quiz, you can take it to class with our live mode or assign it as a home game for students to practice their free time. Students can use any device with a browser to participate in the game and view data for individual students and the class as a whole.

Find out more about how kickstart your first Quizizz game.

Choose a quiz: search or create?

To play on Quizizz, you can choose from the collection of public quizzes (made by other teachers) or create your own.

The quizzes you create will be saved in the My Quizizz tab and can also be shared with colleagues.

Quick tip: Do you need to make changes to a public quiz? YYou can always customize a public quiz with duplication it!

Reports: important data!

Quizizz gives you excellent data for all the games you play. You can use report feedback to change the lesson plan in real time. Our reports give you a clear view of the overall performance of your class and a breakdown for each student.

Quizizz auto classifies all your quizzes and you can download and print these reports in different formats (click Here to see the different types of reports you can access).

App: are there any Quizizz apps?

Quizizz works on any device with a browser. We also have free apps with additional features for Android, iOS and Chromebook!

You can learn more about the iOS app here and on the Chromebook app here.

Quick tip: Even Quizizz integrates perfectly with the Google classroom!

Excited? Click Here to start.

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