Wednesday , July 28 2021

Google has created a secret text adventure game in the browser: this is how it is played

It's almost Monday afternoon, which means you've just gone through your weekend backup and are ready to do something – nothing – that's not work. Well, Google is here to help you publish a real text adventure game in the Chrome console view. Here's how to play:

1. Search for "text adventure" on Google;

2. Right-click anywhere on the search results page and select "Inspect Element";

3. Select the "Console" tab when the inspector opens and you should see the game:

4. You will play with the blue "G" of the Google logo. To go ahead, follow the instructions, type the word commands ("yes", "north", etc.) And, well, stop working for a while.

Unfortunately, the game does not work in Safari, but Opera, Firefox and Microsoft Edge work (in addition to Chrome, of course). Have a good time!

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