Monday , July 26 2021

Halloween 2018 Do-it-yourself makeup ideas inspired by pop culture

The celebration of all ghostly things and candy is almost here. Halloween is as soon as behind the corner and now it's time to officially decide on your costume. This year we did not miss the potential inspiration, with moments of pop culture included Black Panther, Riverdale, and even history of American horror come full of characters to love and look at the do-it-yourself. If you are still settling on the perfect appearance, we have covered you.

There's a lot of time to decide if you want to go like Ariana Grande or Blair Waldorf this year, and some of our favorite make-up artists and YouTuber have even participated to help you create the costume of your dreams or nightmares. If you're imagining a Halloween that you enjoy as your favorite TV or movie character, we have your shopping list of potential beauty items to buy.

From Wednesday's classic Addams style to the all-pink ensemble of Princess Bubblegum, here are ten of our Halloween beauty routines inspired by your favorite pop culture.

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