How to use the "SongPal" screen

"SongPal" is a dedicated application for controlling Sony Audio devices compatible with "SongPal" from your smartphone / iPhone.

After downloading "SongPal" on your smartphone or iPhone, [SongPal] It will be displayed on the screen.

For details on "SongPal", refer to the following URL:

To start "SongPal" on your smartphone / iPhone

Tap [SongPal] on your smartphone / iPhone.

Make sure you are connected to a network the first time you start "SongPal" with your smartphone / iPhone.

Home screen

When starting "SongPal" on your smartphone / iPhone, the main screen is displayed.

  1. Home screen

    Displays the functions of the selected device, music services and applications installed on the smartphone / iPhone.

  2. Mini player

    Controller for the selected function

Settings menu

Tap directly on any "SongPal" screen to display this menu.

  1. Device selection

    Select a device compatible with "SongPal".

  2. Settings of the connected device

    Various audio / network settings are displayed.


  • The main screen and the settings menu above are the display examples. The actual view may be different.