Thursday , July 29 2021

How to apply for a job on Devex? – Devex

To request work on Devex:

1. Log in to using your username and password.

2. From the home page, click on WORKS

This will direct you to the main job search page

3. Specify the job search by entering your favorite keywords and / or location. You can also combine this with additional filters such as the name of the organization, the level of work or the type of position. Using Boolean terms will help you improve your search.


4. Press Enter on the keyboard or click Search button.

5. Click on the title of the job you are interested in to get more information about the job opportunities.

6. Click on Apply now.

You will receive a notification stating "Applications for this position must be completed on the recruiting organization website" with a Go, now button, or be brought to the Devex job application page.

Once you have uploaded the CV and the letter of presentation, click on Submit application. Note that applications can not be withdrawn or changed after submitting the application.

You will receive an email confirming the shipment of your application. To view the list of applications you've made through the Devex site, go to My applications page.

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