Wednesday , July 28 2021

How to build this rustic coffee table glow in the dark

You can not take a few steps on Pinterest these days without running on a tutorial on the wooden pallet table, and that's for good reason. Wooden pallets are cheap (often free), absurdly versatile and very easy to assemble in tables, desks and any other type of furniture. There is a reason why wooden pallet designs are regularly featured on our site, such as this coffee table or these projects open.

How to build this rustic coffee table glow in the dark

But most furniture with wooden pallets comes out with the same basic rustic look. Not as if I was complaining: I love both the home style and the next person. But would not it be nice to see something completely different for once?

Well, I found it. I'm so excited that I saw the video twice:

Video by thepoultrype.


This gives it something fresh and contemporary even if it retains the rustic character of the original wooden pallet. These are two styles that you would not think would fit together, but the result here works.

Imagine how amazing this beauty glow of the dark would be if you put it in your bar and living room, or in your living room. It would add so much character to the room, giving it a truly relaxing environment. This project seems a little more demanding than many others, but it seems that it can be modified if necessary. It's great to see something truly unique and original. I hope you enjoyed watching this fantastic table together like I did!

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