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How to buy goods at home to get the best offers

HomeGoods it could just be the closest thing we have at a national, brick and mortar flea market. Because? Product selection is constantly evolving. You can not access products online, which means that every time you go to a store you do not know what you'll get. And the offers vary from one store to another. Pair a wide range of products with prices that are generally so low as to be almost (almost!) Incredible, and it's no surprise that HomeGoods continues to be one of our favorite places to shop.

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"Customers love the" treasure hunt "experience they buy every time they buy since our high quality products are constantly evolving," explains Joanna Howarth, HomeGoods' public relations manager. She works closely with buyers and store managers on a daily basis and is a fabulous litmus test to find out what's new in the store and how to navigate the best. "Our recommendation is to enter and explore! Be open to find more than you initially expected, you could come looking for a pumpkin patch and start with an entire autumn dining table for your dining room."

You are right. It is known that it will happen sooner.

Are you a colleague HomeGoods-phile? We have compiled a complete guide to make the most of your next trip to the store, from buying tips to the best things to look at from the rest. You could also find some secret Domino team.

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Avoid weekends if you can

As with most retailers, they are the busiest times. instead, Marcy Blum (president of its event planning firm, Marcy Blum Associates and HomeGoods style expert), recommends visiting weekday mornings. In this way, you beat the weekend crowd and buyers who arrived during lunch breaks or after work.

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Jenny Reimold is an interior designer based in Nashville, a seasoned colleague of HomeGoods style and a professional trucker for delivery trucks. A type of.

"Find out on which days HomeGoods trucks deliver a new product to stores and plan to be there a few hours later," he suggests. "I know every shop is different but, for example, at my favorite local HomeGoods, trucks are unloaded on Wednesday and Saturday morning, I try to arrive around 10:30, after the members of the store have had time to download, to have new withdrawals of what is put on the shelves. "In addition, he occasionally shoots to pull things straight from the loading carts as they are placed on the shelves, and we admire that level of dedication in marking the perfect deal.

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Do not wait for a purchase

"If you see something you like, pick it up right away! It will not be long before another expert buyer greets that perfect holiday pillow in your cart," continues Reimold. Buying something on the spot without thinking might seem counterintuitive, especially if it is a bigger piece of furniture, but passing an item in a place where products constantly rotate is not a good idea. As Howarth points out, HomeGoods generally does not perform large-scale promotions or offers coupons (everything is already 20 to 60% cheaper than department store prices), so there's no reason to expect it and hope for a price lower.

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But for the same reason, take your time shopping.

While you should not necessarily leave something and expect to find it there a few weeks later, Blum advises you to take a tour of the entire place before actually going to hunt for some pieces. "I usually do a tour of the entire store before going down to the specifications of what I'm looking for," he says. This could have potentially dangerous consequences for your credit card when you discover a range of technicolor crockery simply to have have, but it could also make you lose your memory and help you remember that yes, you needed a new pan – and this seems to be under $ 50. Take your free time, do not wait once you've found the 39; object that you were looking for.

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Keep an eye on the red tags.

For Howarth, most stores have a settlement section where further savings can be found. This writer has had personal success by finding cups from the single aspect arranged in the last bins of the locality. But there is a way to save even more, and this is through the red sticker scope. It indicates a marked decline, often found only on a solitary object (therefore, you may not be lucky enough to find an entire collection marked), and occasionally means that there is a flaw on the object in question .

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Ask for discounts (judiciously)

Which brings us to the next point: if an object has a defect, a chip or another slight change, you may be able to get a bigger discount on it. Christine Lee, the friend of HomeGoods behind the Instagram account @homegoodsobsessed called Apartment Therapy in an interview at the beginning of this year, "you can expect to receive a 10% discount on slightly damaged pieces – a scratch here, a ding there." For the most damaged items, you could get up to 20-28% of discount, but at the discretion of a manager. "

So, if you absolutely fell in love with a set of ceramic dishes but they have identified a chip on them (which you have not caused in trying to get a discount, have security cameras, remember), try to ask a member of staff for a lower price. They could say no, but they could also give you a fair percentage. Also, what's a little chip on ceramics? They look more rustic that way.

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Look for help

"Become a friend of your store manager," Blum advises. "If you're trying to find something in particular, ask the store manager if something has arrived that is not on the floor yet." This tactic also works in your favor, because according to Blum a friendly store manager could even blow you when new shipments arrive, so you'll be among the first to get their hands on new products.

Of course, if this obsession starts to get out of hand and you end up approaching this friendly store manager for a first look at each new shipment, you might want to consider seeking help from a different type.

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Committed not to commit

Because HomeGoods' best buying practice is "buy now, think after", you'll be happy to know that the store actually has a pretty good return policy. "Buy what you love and try things at home," Reimold advises. "I usually buy everything that inspires me as soon as I see it, and I take it all home to see what it looks like in my space, on my table, etc. I keep what works and sometimes I find something even more stimulating to my return trip! "

You have 30 days to return anything with a receipt from HomeGoods, so no purchase has to be a commitment if you do not want it to be. Buy that magnificent mirror that you sell your firstborn, but you are not 100% sure that it fits your entrance; you can always measure at home and come back the next day. Better than losing on access to the corridor of your dreams.

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Download the app

If you can save gigabytes, it's worth it. The HomeGoods app It's basically a virtual community for the store: you can see what others in your local store have found when they publish images online and follow your nearest HomeGoods to get a taste of the new products as soon as they arrive on the shelves. Howarth is a fan of the app's use as an inspiration, using what others are finding to kick off their design project.

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Play on the field

Did not find what you're looking for at your local HomeGoods? Remember that there are no two stores that are exactly the same, so go to the nearest neighbor to see what you can spot. Reimold is a fan of this tactic, sharing the fact that "Sometimes, I buy more stores in a day to find a complete set of dining room chairs or just complement what I've already found in a shop." Blum prefers to track down an eclectic assortment of distinctive cushions and table objects, which she says come from all over the world. "I use often [them] add a little bit of panache to the events I produce, "he adds.

In this sense, HomeGoods is almost like a flea market experience. With unique offers in each store, it's worth taking a couple if you have a morning to devote and a to-do list.

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Want to know what's on the Domino team's to-do list? Here are some of the things that our editors do never leave a HomeGoods store without.

Wall decoration:
"Not only is their wall decoration super convenient, but inventory changes so frequently that there is always something new to choose from." – Hayley Squire, Email Marketing Manager

Essentials at the open:
"I'm very impressed with HomeGoods outdoor furniture – the last time I was there, I became obsessed with this plant door that looked like an expensive vintage score, I still wish I bought it!" – Kristin Limoges, Wellness Editor

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Desktop books:
"HomeGoods is low-key the best place to grab incredible design books and other coffee table readings, they're usually super discounted and in fairly solid condition." – Lydia Geisel, collaborator

Pots and pans:
"I love walking through the kitchen corridor to offer pots, pans and any other essential cooking that I would struggle to indulge in." – Anna Kocharian, Digital Editor

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