Monday , June 21 2021

How to buy that woman at the bar to drink

App of appointments like Tinder and Bumble have subtracted the charm to the romantic encounters that come with the sending of a drink to the woman in the bar you've been watching all night. Now just swipe right and send a glass champagne emoji to the woman in front of you, rather than sending the real deal to her at the bar.

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When things do not happen often they become more special. That's why we are supporting the reinvigoration of the old age's move to buy that woman at the bar for a drink. Here are five steps to do it right:

Observe his body language

First of all, the woman who caught your gaze will be open to receiving from a man she has not met? If she is locked and is checking her phone, she may be waiting for a friend and clearly has her defenses. If it's open, you look around, sit comfortably and chat with friends or the bartender, you have a good chance to accept your drink, gladly.

But please, let's be clear: if you buy this $ 20 cocktail, she does not owe you anything. Not a kiss, not his number. This brings us to the second passage …

Know your expectations

Why do you want to buy her a drink? It's probably because you're interested in talking to her soon, but she does not know you yet, so do not expect to be sitting on the stool next to her 5 minutes after nodding to the bartender. He has plans to be at the bar, so let me know your the plan is to show your interest by buying a drink, exchange the numbers if it is returned, and then wait for another evening when it's your time to shine.

Ask what he's drinking

Getting a drink sent by an admirer in the bar is a rarity for women in the digital dating era. Do not just buy an old thing. Start off on the right foot by making friends with the bartender and asking them what they are drinking. Buy it exactly: show that you paid attention and took the initiative to learn more about her, even before saying goodbye. It's a small step, but one will notice it.

Accept his reaction

Look – but do not stare – while your drink arrives. The bartender should point you in your direction to warn you that it is from you. This is your moment – smile, nod (yes, just like you saw in the movies) and wait for his reaction. If she does not accept the drink, all right, she's not interested. If he makes his mouth "Thanks", he bends his head and smiles in a "greetings", so it's a good sign and you should go to the fifth step.

Introduce yourself

When he finishes his drink or seems to have interrupted the conversation with his friends, he slowly and confidently approaches her with a smile. Tell her three things: why did you notice from the other side of the room ("Your smile caught my attention"), that you hoped she liked your drink and that you'd like to have her number " I can buy you another one sooner or later ". Simple, clear, to the point, it will deliver its figures if it is interested. We promise.

Tammi Ireland is a teacher of sex and relationships. Follow her via @ BAREsexology.

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