Saturday , May 8 2021

How to create an operating system from scratch: programming

I'm just going to remind people:

You usually boot into your GAME.

You did not have an operating system where you installed your game. You're used to starting your game. Then people would complain about all the MS DOS overload.

So people have complained about all the Windows overload. They could not believe you would run a game IN Windows. I mean, WHY & # 39;? Just run the game from DOS! Many other benefits! And what, are you going to run your game IN A WINDOW? You clearly meant full screen.

And then put the games IN A BROWSER. I mean, why?!? In the operating system it was bad enough, but now you're treating the browser as if it were an operating system?

And then the messenger console EMULATORS IN A BROWSER, and play a game inside that?!? BECAUSE?!

(To be clear, I love all these things, I love people being upset by them).

I think it would be really great to make a game where you have to start.

Yes, yes, yes, TempleOS … But I want to do mine.

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