Monday , November 30 2020

How to distill – stillspirits

You can easily create great spirits, cocktails and liqueurs at home!

Once you have your spirit, all you do is add your aroma, hey soon … it's done! With hundreds of flavors, your spirit creation will have all the characteristics you are looking for: color, aroma, texture, taste and alcohol content! You can distill the basic spirit by yourself, or you can buy vodka (or everclear that is cereal alcohol) and flavor it.

A little bit of bureaucracy … it it is not difficult to make great spirits at home, but you have to respect the rules. In New Zealand, Austria, Italy, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine it is perfectly legal to distribute at home for personal use, but elsewhere it is not. In most countries it is illegal for an individual to use a catch for the purpose of drinking their own pure alcohol. Yet it is not against the law to own a water distillation unit or a simple "plug in and press start" (even less than 5 L in Australia) and many people already use these devices to distill the 39; water or to produce essential oils. If you are in a country where amateur distillation is not allowed, you will need to purchase the basic alcohol from a store to make your own liqueur, liqueur or brandy. Vodka or everclear at low price (cereal alcohol) is ideal for this purpose. Still Spirits strongly recommends checking in advance the legal status of amateur distillation in your country. Please note that the use of Still Spirits and many other distillation products is LEGAL in every country.

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