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Motif zentangle: forge. Image © Linda Farmer and ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This image can only be used for non-commercial personal reference. Unauthorized blocking, reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal.Good Friday, you all!

We arrived on the weekend and the first day of autumn (this Sunday) in our hemisphere. Our friends, entangled in the southern hemisphere, will undoubtedly enjoy their first day of spring and do not see the hottest day coming.

Rhode Island CZT Bonnie Luther shares her cake Forge tangle with us today. In this card, Bonnie presents Forge as a ribbon-style tangle along with some original Zentangle® including Shattuck, Molygon and Pokeroot.

This is Bonnie's second tangle on the site; Iriemon, his first, was a little bit "something that came to me while I was on holiday in Jamaica". It seems that relaxation brings out the tangle in Bonnie while explaining:

"This summer I was at a barbecue in a friend's house. As I sat there relaxed, I noticed the wrought iron gate in his entrance garden. And what a beautiful plot would be that scheme! In an attempt to find a name, I began to look at other wrought-iron schemes. What a fun! There are some really great models to explore.

Forge is as big as an edge or a ribbon, in a circle or as a tangle in a card area."

We have several tangles inspired by wrought iron on the site – you can locate them by typing the term "wrought iron" in the handy dandy search box at the top right of any page as shown on this screen, then pressing "Enter".

In this Zentangle card, Bonnie used it Forge in a freestyle with & # 39; Dillo, Shard and Verve.

Bonnie explains the step by step instructions for drawing Forge below and she represents him in another Zentangle card with some tangles of original Zentangle.

How to draw the model Zentangle Forgia, tangle and deconstruction of Bonnie Luther. Image copyright of the artist and used with permission, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Image copyright of the artist and used with permission, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Do not hesitate to refer to the images of the steps to recreate this tangle in your personal Zentangle and ZIA or to reconnect to this page. However, the artist and reserve all rights to these images and must not be posted, altered, reproduced or republished publicly. They are only for personal reference offline. Thank you for respecting these rights. Click on the image for an article that explains what copyright in simple English means. "Integrity is doing the right thing, even when nobody is watching." ~ C.S. Lewis

As you enjoy the tangles on the site, leave a thank you and encouragement comment to show the artists that you appreciate them for sharing their creativity to inspire your own. Your the comment helps motivate them to keep sharing!

Check the tag bonniel for more than Bonnie's tangles on

TAG and How to locate tangles by artist or type on TanglePatterns

Did you know that you can find TANGLES BY ARTIST and TANGLES BY TYPE on TanglePatterns?

Every tangle has its tags listed as live links in the date bar just above the comments section on each page. The date bar looks like this screen where I highlighted the Yellow Tag section:

Scroll down the page of any tangle and click on these active links in the date bar to get similar types of tangles and find the tangles of the same artist.

There is also a section called TANGLES BY TYPE in the LEFT sidebar of any page as shown in this image on the green arrow.

Scroll to that section in the sidebar, click the down arrow and select the type of tangle you are looking for, and a new page will open with a list of all the tangles of that type. (TANGLES BY ARTIST are located directly below there.)

Do you want to choose random tangles for your Zentangle® art?

There are four ways to do this on the site.

  • First, there is a random CHANGE SELECTOR in the left sidebar with instructions on how to use it. This handy gadget can be used to select the original tangles of Zentangle® from this page and can also be used to select random strings. Simply type in the range of numbers from which you want to select.
  • Secondjust above that section is a TANGLE RANDOMIZER that has already selected 5 random tangles to use.
  • Thirdmany like to use the tangles listed at the end of each tangle in the "You might also like:" section of the page.
  • Fourth, use the tangle selection in any TANGLE UPDATE. This is a great way to revisit the tangles you forgot or that you may have missed when it was originally published.

Be sure to check all the features that are hidden in plain sight in the sidebars on both sides of each page.

And let's not forget the main menu bar at the top of every page: there are many readings and learning that you will not want to miss.


The new edition of mine TANGLE GUIDE. This 60-page digital eBook with immediate download contains all the tangles on the site from May 2010 until December 31, 2017. Containing over 1,000 tangles, is an indispensable tool for the use of the site.

"Linda, thank you! I relied on too few and was stuck after 3 years of daily work with Zentangle. This inspired me to "start over" with renewed excitement."~ Barbara R.

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The official Zentangle kit Another great entree for the new tangles is the original official Zentangle Kit. The kit includes all the materials necessary to start correctly: Micron Sakura pens, Zentangle tiles, pencil, penknife, tortillion, a booklet and an educational DVD by co-founder Maria Thomas. Click on the image for more information on the Kit and its contents.

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