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How to edit your Etch A Sketch or Toy Story in real life

We would like to store it under "the things we wanted when we were younger". Who else is envious of today's children and all the interesting things they can do with our old classic toys?

Etch A Sketch Robot – Elephant

Read how it works on my blog!

With a wave of comments and comments, Sunny Balasubramanian shared its Etch A Sketch project on Reddit, including all the information and code needed to create a personal one. Thanks, Sunny!

To dismantle the toys of our childhood

The physical installation of automated Etch A Sketch is quite simple: the motors connected to the couplers replace the original plastic and a connected Raspberry Pi 3 controls the engines as indicated by the code.

Engrave a modded sketch with a Raspberry Pi

For stability, Sunny has attached a block of wood to the plastic housing that keeps the engines in place.

Encode new life into an Etch A Sketch

Sunny explains:

There are several ways to go about this part of the project. When I started, I looked up Google if anyone had ever done things like that before. Some projects have jumped out. They seemed to approach the design in two ways. I wanted to do it completely automatically where the only input is an & # 39; image and the output is a clean image.

The code Sunny ended up using before it takes an image and simplifies it in a hatch drawing using Canny edge detection. Then turn each pixel into a node and trace a path between the nodes, linking them one by one. So that the Etch A Sketch designs the image, the Raspberry Pi directs the engines to follow the connections and create surprisingly precise sketches.

Go to the Sunny website for more information about their project and download the complete code from GitHub.

Two down, more to do …

With this automatic Etch A Sketch tool and this talking with Fisher Price Chatter Telephone, the Raspberry Pi community is on track to recreate the entire cast of Toy Story, and we are fully in agreement!

A GIF of Toy Story characters

So, what's next? A remote controlled by Slinky? A falling in style to fly Buzz Lightyear? What would you like to build?

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