Thursday , May 6 2021

How to get a list of top n borders? : nanocurrency

# 1 Be kind, welcoming and friendly

This should be self-explanatory. We do not need to hold hands and sing kumbaya, but if you're an idiot, you'll be banned.

# 2 No Spam or Shilling

There's a lot of people publishing links to Discord pump n download channels and people trying to disguise shillposts like NANO discussions. Not fantastic

# 3 No begging

Do not post to ask others to send you NANO. Do not do it.

# 4 Do not brag

On the other hand, do not publish as much as you have NANO. You would not go around posting your bank account on a random Reddit forum, right?

# 5 No illegal activity

Do we really need to explain it?

# 6 Use suitable titles

Be clear in your post on the title and use the correct grammar and capitalization. Post with titles like "M00n L4mb0s Bo1s !! 11!" it will be removed.

# 7 No content of empty messages

Posts with little or no content will be removed to reduce spam, so put a bit of effort into your post if you think you're contributing.

# 8 No Off-Topic Posts

/ r / NanoCurrency is for discussions on Nano technology, protocol, portfolios, etc. The discussions on moon lambos and funny memes are interesting, but they should go on / r / nanoTrade.

This includes photo and video presentations.

No. 9 No redundant message

Duplicate posts or submissions that look like a post with multiple upvotes will be marked as low and removed.

# 10 Use / r / NanoTrade to discuss price / buy / exchange

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