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How to get more involvement with Facebook Live: Social Media Examiner

Do you want more people to watch, share and comment on your live videos?

Looking for suggestions to improve the quality of viewer engagement?

To find out how to increase engagement with the Facebook Live video, I interview Stephanie Liu.

More information about this show

The Social Media Marketing podcast is designed to help marketing experts, business owners, and creators discover what works with social media marketing.

In this episode I intervene Stephanie Liu, a live video expert and social media consultant. It hosts a live Facebook show called Lights, Camera, Live, which focuses on helping companies succeed with live video.

Stephanie explains how to promote your video live on Facebook with events and cross-posts.

You will also find out how questions, sharing requests and bots can improve the involvement of live videos on Facebook.

How to get more involvement with Facebook Live with insights from Stephanie Liu on the Podcast of Social Media Marketing.

How to get more involvement with Facebook Live with insights from Stephanie Liu on the Podcast of Social Media Marketing.

Share your feedback, read the show notes and get the links mentioned in this episode below.

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Here are some of the things you will discover in this show:

Involvement with Facebook Live

The story of Stephanie

Stephanie is a veteran of the advertising agency. After working in the world of advertising agencies for about 15 years, she decided to start her own business focused on a social media strategy. In a crowded field, Stephanie decided that the best way to emerge was to make live video. He wanted to be one of the first to adopt it to separate himself from the herd.

About 2 years ago, when Periscope was a big problem and Facebook Live was just released for the masses, Stephanie started going live with OBS Studio, and Facebook Live provided most of the referral clients.

This is a screenshot of the Stephanie Liu website. At the top there is a navigation bar with a cream background and blue-green navigation options. Navigation options are Episodes, Blogs, Courses, Live Camera Lights, Information, Collaboration, Contacts. At the bottom left is a photo of a white neon sign of a hand making a sign of peace. On the right there is a picture of Stephanie. Stephanie is an Asian woman with long hair up to her shoulders tied in a side ponytail. She wears a make-up, a beige v-neck dress and matching heeled sandals. He is holding a white neon sign that he says

In collaboration with chef Claudia Sandoval, winner of MasterChef Season 6, Stephanie had one of her first successes with live video marketing. Claudia was working with T-Mobile and MasterChef on a Facebook Live promotion for the new T-Mobile Tuesdays app. Claudia noted Stephanie's efforts to get into the live video and asked Stephanie for help to figure out how to do it.

Stephanie has scheduled a low-tech live video with Claudia using a regular iPhone 6 and a ring light. They created plans to generate buzz before the live event, keep the people involved during the broadcast and keep the app first and foremost after the live broadcast.

During the live stream, Claudia made her famous recipe for the Tres Leches cake. The transmission lasted about an hour and a half. All the time, someone held the iPhone by hand. They did not have a tripod because Claudia moved in the kitchen, and this was before anyone used a live gimbal.

This is a screen of a live video of Facebook with the chef Claudia Sandoval, who hosted in 2016 in the context of a cross-promotion with the T-Mobile Tuesdays app. In the video, Claudia is in a kitchen with black cabinets and granite countertops. A window above the sink lets in natural light into the room. Claudia is standing next to a red Kitchen Aid mixer. She is a Latin woman with bright red hair that falls just below her shoulders. She wears a make-up, a bright red top and a white apron with Claudia and the MasterChef logo embroidered in red. While he is talking, he is gesturing with his hands. In 2016, Stephanie Liu collaborated with Claudia to produce this live video.

The results of the promotion were fantastic. As soon as Claudia was published, the video reached 843 live viewers. Immediately after the broadcast, 1.5 million people opened the T-Mobile Tuesdays app and Claudia's cookbook had 178,000 downloads.

Since then, Stephanie has continued to help customers build their brands and economic results with live video. Whether a customer is launching their live show on Facebook or incorporating live video into their own events, Stephanie contributes to the success of their live video marketing.

Listen to the show to hear Stephanie talking about her friendship with Claudia.

Why focus on Facebook Live?

Stephanie thinks that the marketers who want to get to the bottom with Facebook should focus on Facebook Live because it has a range 10 times greater than all other types of Facebook content. Since Facebook changed its algorithm in January 2018, the organic reach has shrunk to nothing.

The Facebook Live video also has six times more interactions than recorded videos. These interactions keep your brand at the top of the list and are a way to attract the significant commitment that Facebook wants. I note that the results that Stephanie saw with participation and involvement reflect what Social Media Examiner experience, going live several times a week.

This is a screen of a Facebook video post live on the Facebook page of Stephanie Liu. The text above the video says

Stephanie has also learned that a new product, Facebook Live Producer, will make the live a lot easier. At the F8 Facebook conference in May 2018, Stephanie spoke to someone who works on Facebook Live and learned that Facebook will produce this new product.

Facebook Live Producer does everything that makes third-party tools (like OBS Studio, Ecamm or BeLive) and more. For example, Facebook Live Producer allows you to create a guest, set up split screens and add text overlays. The tool is integrated into the web browser and connects other platforms. In general, Facebook tools are easier to use than third-party tools.

Listen to the show to hear my thoughts on the leaked screenshots I saw on Facebook Live Producer about a year ago.

How to generate Buzz before a live video

Stephanie treats every live video stream as a real event, which means that he invests efforts to promote live video in advance. Even if anyone who follows your page gets notified when you go live, that notification is not enough to take full advantage of your live video. The followers of your page may be in line at the supermarket or stuck in traffic, so they can not tune in.

Facebook event: To get involved as soon as you go live, bring people to talk about your live video for about a week before. To do this, Stephanie starts by creating a Facebook event for live video with a detailed description. Explain why people want to tune in, what they will talk about, what the live video will show viewers how to do and what will happen if they do not tune in.

This is a screenshot of a Facebook event for the live video of Stephanie Liu on September 6th. The picture of the event shows a picture of Stephanie in a circle above a picture of a sky and palm trees. Stephanie is an Asian woman with long hair up to her shoulders tied in a side ponytail. She is wearing a makeup and a beige V-neck dress. She is holding a white neon sign that she says

If the live video of Stephanie will feature a guest, she invites them as a co-host. In this way, they can both invite people from their networks and work together to get people to talk about the event a week in advance. You can ask people to share the questions they would like to ask the guest in the event comments, which is a great way to engage the people interested in the guest or the topic.

Stephanie occasionally spends a small amount to promote the event, but most of the time, she does not put much money behind the actual Facebook event.

Direct transmission transmission programmed: It is important to note that Stephanie is not published during the Facebook event. It goes live from its page, so everyone who follows your page will be notified when it's live. In the case, it shares a link to a scheduled live broadcast. With this permalink, Stephanie can share a link to a live video in an email, a copy of social media and the Facebook event.

Typically, Stephanie creates the event a week before live streaming. The day before Facebook Live, leave a comment that reminds people of live video and asks last-minute questions. About an hour before the broadcast, leave another reminder in the event and share the permalink. Whenever you publish an event, everyone who has received an RSVP will be notified.

This is a screenshot of a notification of a Facebook event by Stephanie Liu. The notification says

This accumulation of events increases the chances that people will watch live. Even if they can not do live video, they will ask Stephanie about the replay. This is another opportunity for her to interact with her audience and share the link to her live video. After live video, you can also continue to post in the event. For example, you might share a link to a blog post that summarizes the video.

When Stephanie publishes the link to the live broadcast, he also adds a comment on the post. You want to be the first to leave a comment because this tells people who want to interact with you how to do it. Stephanie typically leaves a comment that says "If you're tuning in, let me know where you're watching." This icebreaker helps people in similar places to connect.

Any conversation within the event and on your link post will help your live video. As an illustration, a conversation about where people come from can turn into a conversation about conferences or events in which people participate. As a question leads to another, a sense of community can develop around the topic of your live video.

E-mail: Outside of Facebook, Stephanie promotes live video in emails. In the e-mail shares a link with the Facebook event because that's where people see social evidence. If people see that an event has a certain number of RSVPs, they will not want to lose it. They want to be part of the live event.

If Stephanie is inviting a guest, she also creates a suggested promotional copy that the guest can use through their social media or e-mail.

Messenger Bot: Stephanie uses her messenger bot, RoboSteph, to also promote live video. He tells his current subscribers when a live video is coming and they can click on RSVP in the bot. RoboSteph can also share a message like, "Hey, now we're live, click here to tune in to our new episode."

This is a screen of RoboSteph, the Stephanie Liu Messenger bot. At the top there is a GIF of Stephanie dancing. Stephanie is an Asian woman. Her black hair falls under her shoulders, and she is wearing makeup and a denim jacket. He is smiling with his hands in the air, palms facing outwards. The white text at the bottom of the GIF reads

To get subscribers to the bots, Stephanie asks people who want a reminder for the live video to leave the "subscribe" comment on the Facebook post that connects to the live broadcast. When someone subscribes, RoboSteph confirms his subscription, thanks the person for his RSVP, and then confirms that he will send a reminder for the live video.

Stephanie created her bot using ManyChat and Facebook's comment growth tool. With this tool, the bot knows to send messages to subscribers as soon as she goes live. The automated reminder helps bring live viewers live, so it's not talking to an empty audience.

Listen to the show to hear my thoughts on the similarities between Facebook groups and events.

Crossing live

Crossposting means asking other people or pages to promote your content for you. The ability to do live crossposting with a marketing blitz campaign has become available at the start of this year. With this feature, you can collaborate with other pages so that a live video on your page also appears on all pages of your partners.

For example, if you have a flash sale or a limited-time offer that is about to expire, you can use cross-publication in real time to have a blitz campaign that alerts people to your timely offer.

To configure the crosspost, open the Settings for your Facebook page. In the left sidebar, click on the Crossposting option. Then you will see a screen where you can type the name of another page to be connected to yours.

This is a screen of the Facebook Crosspost settings screen. In a white bar at the top, at the far left, there are the Publishing Tools and the Announcement Center options. At the far right there is the Settings option followed by a triangle pointing downwards. The main screen has a light gray background and a white box. Inside the white box there are instructions for setting the crossposting. The header says

After setting up the crossposting function, the page linked to yours can check if your followers view your live stream. The other page can check it manually, schedule a schedule to share your content or automatically share your live videos. Crossposting can also work for normal recorded videos.

Listen to the show to hear Stephanie and me discuss when the live video looks like a crosspost.

Tips for getting Live Viewer involved

To encourage commitment during a live video, Stephanie combines several tactics, including the reception of viewers, the request for sharing and the encouragement of meaningful comments.

Welcoming spectators: Stephanie begins her live video by briefly welcoming viewers. Everyone loves the sound of their name and tune in a little bit because they notice they can interact with you in real time. However, you need to balance these welcome with details on the video content.

You can start video with basic video information when few people have joined live streaming. Explain why the topic is important, what you mean to discuss and what they will learn how to do.

To illustrate, Stephanie starts a show saying, "Hi everyone, we'll talk about Facebook Live today and why it's important to your business and what it can do for you. I'll show you how to put comments on the show, and if you do not have time now to tune in OK, leave the comment "subscribe" and I will inform you when the replay is finished. "

This is a screen of a Facebook video post live on the Facebook page of Stephanie Liu. The text of the post says

Stephanie could then briefly greet someone by saying "Hey, Mike, thank you very much for joining in. Nice to see you again." In other words, do not spend the first 2 minutes to greet each person.

Stephanie also likes to ask people where they come from as an easy ice-breaker. He usually tells viewers that he is broadcasting live from San Diego and asks where they tune in from. If someone says "Hey, I'm tuning in on Guam," Stephanie might reply, "Wow, I've never had someone tune in to Guam. This is spectacular." Welcome to the show. "

Since people often do not join a live video as soon as it starts, Stephanie repeats her introduction to the show for about 10-15 minutes in the live video.

Tags and shares: To spread the news on her video, Stephanie asks viewers to tag friends in the comments and share her live video. He could say, "If you know someone who will be interested in this episode, do them a favor." Please tick them in the comments. "Share this on your personal profile or on your groups." He discovers that many people will share the video because it's a simple action, with just one click.

This is a screen shot of Stephanie Liu in a live video of Facebook. Viewers can see Stephanie from the shoulders up. Stephanie is an Asian woman with black hair hanging just below her shoulders. He is smiling and wearing make-up and a white shirt with a peach and a black abstract motif. At the bottom left, on a light green background, there is the black text

Whenever Stephanie repeats her introduction to her live video theme, she includes her request to tag a friend, share the video, or subscribe to her bot for replay details. He repeats these details in the middle of his show and at the end.

You can also encourage people to share by sharing a sponsor. Stephanie learned this idea from Owen Hemsath of Owen Video. He gives a 10 second ad at the start of his next show and to enter the viewers have to share the video. The opportunity for free advertising is popular among its viewers.

groups: I ask Stephanie's thoughts about sharing a live video in Facebook groups. He says the video should be relevant and offer value to the group. For example, a social media video can help people in their Social Media Strategist group. You must also adhere to group rules on promoting the group.

If you have a group, you can organize a Facebook orology party for your live stream in your group. A display party is like a playlist available for the group. A post that presents the clock party says something like: "We will organize a party on XYZ." Group members can watch the playlist when they want and comments on specific videos are displayed in the group.

Comments on the screenJust like people love to hear you welcome them by name, they like to see their comments on the screen. When you show people's comments with tools like BeLive or Ecamm, people are excited to interact with you.

This is a screen by Stephanie Liu which hosts a live video with Madalyn Sklar. Live video shows a split screen with a user comment displayed at the bottom left. On the left side of the split screen, Stephanie appears from the shoulders up. She is an Asian woman with black hair hanging under her shoulders. Wear a beige make-up and a tank top. The background for his live video is a gray room with a white desk. On the desk there are books and a white orchid in a square white vase. A white neon sign writing

Meaningful comments: Since Stephanie usually has a guest in her show, she will raise meaningful remarks by reminding viewers that live video is an easy time to get one-to-one advice from the client. He then asks viewers to ask questions in the comments. If you do not have a guest, you can ask viewers to leave their questions for you.

Listen to the show to hear my thoughts on asking viewers to share a live video and tag friends in the comments.

How to follow after a live video

After a live video is finished, Stephanie follows him encouraging comments and conversations in progress. For Lights, Camera, Live, goes live about twice a month and viewers tend to make three comments. The first is where they come from; the second is something like "I did not know" and the third is a request for more information on a topic.

At the end of the transmission, Stephanie responds to requests for further information because she wishes to cultivate relationships with the spectators involved. The next day, Stephanie responds to the comments of the people who watched the replay. Not only does he thank the commentator for looking, but he also asks an open-ended question like "What did you think of the last episode?"

When Stephanie responds to comments in this way, people continue to interact with her, and this effort makes her live video reappear in the news feed. The more viewers leave a comment or share your live video, the greater the visibility of live streaming in the news feed.

This is a screen shot by Stephanie Liu who replies to comments on a Facebook live video post after the live video is finished. Mary's first comment says

Stephanie also uses comments after a live video to gather topic ideas from her audience. He asks what the spectators want to learn because this helps them create content that interests them.

Comments on a previous video or live event can promote an upcoming one. One of Stephanie's most successful Facebook Live interviews was with Jenn Herman, an Instagram marketing expert. Since the Instagram algorithm always changes or the myths have to be debunked, Stephanie can leave a comment on the old interview as "If this video interested you, here's the next episode."

In a video like the interview with Jenn Herman, Stephanie's comment helps her audience know the changes coming, so the comment adds value and promotes the upcoming event. Because they will know that the next video can help them, Stephanie is fueling her relationship with these viewers using all the organic ways offered by Facebook.

To handle all of this work, Stephanie uses Asana to maintain a checklist for her team. Also, for his business, he needs to go and live only twice a month. Since it offers valuable content, it receives a new reference from the customer each time he has finished his activity.

Listen to the show to see how updates to my old videos and live posts have led to continued involvement in the comments.

Discovery of the week

When your image posts on social media are stuck in a rut, PostMuse can kick off your creativity.

Like many image editing apps for Instagram, PostMuse includes tips and tricks, photo filters, different fonts and other tools. What distinguishes PostMuse is the ability to draw inspiration from prefabricated models. For example, you can see different ways to use overlays, filters, and so on for a single stock image. From there, you can replace your image and create something unique.

This is a screenshot of the PostMuse website. At the top center is a large image of the PostMuse logo, which is an illustration of a P and a M full of curved hues. From top to bottom, the gradient includes violet, fuschia, red, orange and yellow. Below the logo there is the following white text:

Although PostMuse templates show an affinity for Instagram posts, the app is not specific to Instagram. You can export the images you edit in the app and publish them wherever you want. In addition, you can create vertical images for stories.

PostMuse is a simple and fast app that is a great addition to your tool belt. The app is free and available for iPhone and Android.

Listen to the show to learn more and let us know how PostMuse works for you.

Key take away from this episode:

What do you think about it? What are your opinions on how to get involved with the Facebook video live? Please share your comments below.

Find out how to promote your video on Facebook Live with events and cross-posting and to improve engagement with questions, sharing requests and bots.

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