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How to get the best support in 2018

At the start of this year one of our technical analysts, Peter Elsner, wrote a tutorial on how to get the most out of cPanel's technical support. It affects everything you should provide to our support team, but is a great resource for any support request you send to any team. A support team wants to solve your problem as much as you want to solve it, and clear information in the foreground helps you go very far to that single-answer resolution.

The topic of a support request is important

Although it may not seem like a big deal, the topic of your request is the first context an analyst gets before starting to work on your problem.. Being as clear and concise as possible about the problem is essential. This means avoiding terms such as "HELP ME", "EVERYTHING IS OFFLINE" and "URGENT". Instead, using terms related to the exact problem, such as "three out of ten websites are not responding" or "outgoing e-mail does not work for all accounts" will prove more useful and will ensure that the technician mentality focuses on the matter at hand.

Help us to help you.

The first sentence of your support request is important

Providing a clear and concise description of the problem in advance will help us a lot to understand the problem you are facing. The more independent details that the support analyst needs to go through, the more time it takes the analyst to understand the root of the problem. It could even distract the analyst for more than one answer.

Steps to Reproduce And the credentials provided are fundamental

If clear playback steps are available, most analysts can diagnose and fix the problem with this alone. For this reason, it is imperative that you are accurate in providing the steps to reproduce or observe your problem. Reproduction often requires some form of authentication. It is better to provide us with access to an account that we can use to reproduce the problem or give us permission to create a new account in advance. With all of this, you provide the analyst with everything they need to replicate and solve the problem in a single response and avoid delays caused by communication back and forth..

Pre-approval to perform actions

Sometimes a reconstruction of the configuration, restarting the service, closing the account or other disruptive actions are necessary to replicate or solve a problem. If you know that when you submit your ticket, providing the support team with approval to perform these actions will prevent the analyst from responding by asking for permission.

Send better support requests

Providing this data and information in advance will result in a more positive supporting experience wherever you go. We believe so strongly in the power to provide good support, that two of the cPanel Conference talks this year are focused on providing good support. On Tuesday Michael Collins, our Technical Support Community Manager will present "Technical Support as a form of art". Wednesday afternoon you can listen to Alex Tierney, a technical support supervisor, who presents "The industry standards for support are terrible." "Is it yours?"

Even if you miss the talk, you can stop at the stand "cPanel, We have a Problem!" During exhibition hours and talk to one of our support analysts who will be present.

If you can not get to the conference, it's okay! You can connect with us on the Internet. Look at us in the cPanel forums, chirping, Slack or Discord.

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