Thursday , June 24 2021

How to improve yourself in the next 6 months with very little effort.

Stop giving a fuck.

The next is closely related to the first point. You can not face your fears or progress unless you stop giving a dick.

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Holding on to your BS stories and ways of doing things in the past is putting everything right for you.

Starting tomorrow, stop giving a fuck.

Do not waste your energy worrying about useless things like what could happen if you make changes in your life, or sell your car, or make a bold move.

Before making any changes in the last six months, I got too many little things. Things that do not matter like what my family thought of my girlfriend or where I lived. It simply did not matter.

When I gave in to my stupid, crazy, stubborn ways of the past and I did what I knew I had to do, things became easier. I could spend the day without worrying about so many little things that had previously distracted me from my dream of inspiring the world through personal development and entrepreneurship.

You can have the same beautiful realization of me if you stop giving a fuck about all the little things.

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