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How to increase your YouTube subscribers with a simple link

I am a known lover of the automation of all things. I automated my e-mails, planning, cooking, reading, waking up, sleeping … I do it partly out of laziness, and partly because automation creates time that I can fill with more music!

The tricks of automation are my best friend because modern music is not the easiest thing in the world these days. So making it automatically easier is always a welcome thing.

In my ever-extended search for space for more music in my life, I found a GOLDEN EASTER EGG through the magic of Google the other day! I * had * to say it to my Baby Peeps CD!

It's so simple and brilliant, I need a roll of drums, please …

First step

insert ? Sub_confirmation = 1 at the end of your standard YouTube channel.

Step two

Run that bad link (ex: via a link shortener (like,, polr or tinyURL.)

Step three

Plaster that magical shortened link on the internet!


Now you will automatically ask visitors to subscribe to your YouTube channel! Anyone clicking on that link will see a magical pop up window with a kind suggestion to subscribe to your channel!

For example, my new Youtube link is

How to use a YouTube link with automatic subscription?

Basically, that link should live anywhere you and your (potential) frequent fans!

Enter it in your e-mail signature

Sending email to many different people for a given day. My e-mail signature will certainly reach the offices, representatives, colleagues, customers, fans with a FAQ, the hosts in concert, literally anyone sending an email.

How: Your e-mail provider will probably have tutorial guides for the best way to change your e-mail signature.

Enter it in your Instagram biography

If you have optimized the homepage of your YouTube channel around your latest version, your Instagram biography is particularly suitable for an automatic subscription link.

How: Create a playlist with your newly released video and features at the top of your YouTube channel homepage.

Now when your Instagram followers are increasing, your new members on YouTube will also increase!

Enter it in your personal Facebook profile

In your personal Facebook profile, there's an option to add any link – DO THIS.

After every conference or concert that I present, there is always a flurry of new Facebook friends. I also get a steady stream of new Facebook friends from my daily musical life. I lost count of how many times I added a new music colleague as a friend of Facebook and then I had a beast of a time trying to find their job online.

Adding your new YouTube link with automatic subscription will make it easier for people to be your Facebook friend and a new YouTube user!

How: when you visit the INFORMATION section on your Facebook profile, you'll see an area called "Contact information and basic information". You'll see an option to add more links. Paste your new abbreviation of the YouTube subscription and smile satisfied.

Enter it in your fan newsletter

Whenever you mention a new version of music video in your email list, use this YouTube link automatically. Not only does the link look better, but you'll be able to convert your e-mail list from incoming mail fans to YouTube fanatics.

(Just make sure to optimize your YouTube channel for your latest versions!)

Clean makeup, but why is it so important?

First of all, 38% of the revenue from the global music industry comes from streaming services in 2017. Quite remarkable, if you ask me.

Not only that, but YouTube only made up 46% of all consumed audio and video streams. FORSIA PEOPLE-YOU ARE! It is by far the leader in consumer favorite streaming services.

If you are a musician with a fan base like mine, not all your fans 1) have a Spotify account, 2) know how to use it, or 3) not even use it at all. But a significantly larger number of them have YouTube accounts, I do not know what it is, and know how to use it, at least on an elementary level.

These reports on consumer behavior mean that it is crucial that modern musicians like you and me have a continuous presence on YouTube. It may not be our "main grip", but that's where our fans are.

As Liz Lemon says appropriately, "We have to go there".

This link to the automatic subscription can help you share your videos with your new fans. The more YouTube subscribers you have, the more "algorithm juice" will get your new lyric video. More algorithm juice means a higher ranking in searches. Higher levels mean more points of view and from there only snowballs!

Then go ahead and create a YouTube link with automatic subscription for your artists channel. It's easy and takes a couple of minutes to implement.

Now, your followers can be fans and all your viewers turn to subscribers! Greetings!

Do you have another place to put this fancy self-subscription YouTube link?

Leave in the comments below!

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