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How to install the final version of MacOS Mojave if you are using the beta version

MacOS Mojave is out, but if you've used the beta and you're used to it The new Mojave spot for system updatesso you may have lost the memo.

You will not find the update if you check the System Preferences. Nor will you find it listed on the Updates tab of the Mac App Store. Where does a beta user arrive to get the update, exit the beta program and get rid of the Feedback Assistant app? You have questions, I have answers.

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Apple MacOS Mojave is here, but we're still waiting …


Switch from the beta version to the official version

To upgrade to the final version of MacOS Mojave, open the Mac App Store and search for "Mojave". Open the MacOS Mojave page and click Get button.


Screenshot by Matt Elliott / CNET

The Software Update panel will open in System Preferences, asking if you are sure you want to download MacOS Mojave 10.14. If you're sure, click Download button.

download-mojave "data-original ="

Screenshot by Matt Elliott / CNET

At the end of the download, the MacOS Mojave installation program will open. Just follow the instructions to install the update.

mojave-installer "data-original ="

Screenshot by Matt Elliott / CNET

Buh-bye beta program

After installing the final version, it is likely that you want to unregister your Mac from the beta program so that future system updates are provided in the form of final builds instead of beta updates. To exit the beta program, open System Preferences and click Software update. On the left, you will see that your Mac is registered in the Apple Beta software program. Click Details and then Restore the default values to unregister your Mac from receiving beta updates.

leave-apple-beta-program "data-original =" leave-apple-beta-program.jpg

Screenshot by Matt Elliott / CNET

Ditch the Feedback Assistant

The Feedback Assistant app is installed with a beta version of MacOS so you can report bugs to Apple. It is not uninstalled when you install the final version of a MacOS and leave the beta program. Because MacOS makes it more difficult to uninstall apps, I just removed it from my Dock and let it hang in the Utility folder where it takes up a minimum of 64 bytes of space. To remove the purple Feedback Assistant icon from the Dock, right-click on the icon above the mouse Options and click Remove from the Dock.

For non-expert users moving from MacOS High Sierra to Mojave, here it is How to install the Mojave update.

And here are the the best new features of MacOS Mojave.

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