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How to keep mice out of campers

I'm not sure you've ever had a mouse problem at home or in a camper, but those kids can be a huge problem and we've got better ideas on how to keep mice out of campers, garages and homes. This is by far the cheapest (and most cruel) way to keep creatures away. There is no need for traps!

We love camping and this 1976 Scotty trailer was our first camper. We've created so many fantastic memories in this cute little thing. Honestly, I'm not the camping type, so my husband has always tried to fascinate me a bit to keep me interested in going camping. One thing that is a sure way to keep me away are the critters in the camper!

Now that the autumn has arrived, the rats will find their way into campers, houses and garages to keep warm, so now it's time to use one of these ideas to keep them out of your living space.

1976 Scotty Trailer - Camping Hacks

How to keep mice out of campers

Put a bar or two of Irish Spring soap in your trailer. Critters absolutely hate the strong smell of soap, and stay away from it. You can even leave the soap bars in your garage, in the basement or in any other place where you suspect parasites are hiding …

Keeping mice out of campers, garages and homes!

Put the dryer sheets in areas that you suspect to insert or hide. Be sure to change the dryer sheets every few weeks to keep the scent strong enough to keep them away …

Keeping mice out of campers, garages and homes!

Soak the cotton balls with peppermint oil and place them in suspicious areas …

Keeping mice out of campers, garages and homes!

Moth balls are also a good idea. Personally I do not prefer to use it, but others do not care about the smell …

Keeping mice out of campers, garages and homes!

Here are some other ways to keep the rats away …

Steel wool – cover holes that mice can cross, they do not like metal.

Aluminum foil – block passages.

Wall plug-in

Keeping the areas clean and tidy will really help to give creatures no areas to hide. Also making sure that all food is put away and sealed.

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