Monday , June 21 2021

How to make a DIY pen holder

Show your favorite pot plant with a craft stand.

This is 400 mm high and 235 mm wide, designed for a 190 mm wide vase

What you need:






  1. From Tasmanian oak, it cuts four legs to 400 mm in length and two tracks to 195 mm, which is barely wider than the base of our vessel. HINT Adjust the length of the rails to fit your plate.
  2. On a rail, marks halfway, on the other rail, marks halfway. Put them together to transfer the width of the cross-shaped joint, which is the recess to be chiselled.
  3. Use a combination square to mark the width on both rails and along the sides, then mark in the middle of the side of the rails to indicate the depth of the joint.
  4. Use two clamps to secure the guide on a solid surface.
  5. Use a pointed chisel with a hammer to hit along the lines of the joint. HINT Hold the flat side of the chisel facing outward.
  6. Chisel the joint, working from one side, overturning the guide to work from the other and repeating if necessary. Repeat with the other guide. HINT Hold the bevel side of the chisel face down to use the corner to cut along the wood.
  7. Check the pieces tightly and flattened on both sides when joined together.
  8. Use a miter box and saw to cut the top of the legs at 45 degrees, checking that they are all the same length.
  9. Position the legs together, measure 210 mm from the base, then use a combination square to mark on all four legs.
  10. Use a flaring tip n. 8 with a drill to drill holes on the signs, in the middle of the legs.
  11. Use a 4 mm drill bit to drill a hole in the center of the guide ends.
  12. Use 40 mm screws to fix the leg guides, making sure that the joint on one rail is facing up and the other is facing down.
  13. Apply the glue to the joints, place the guides together, clamp and allow to dry.
  14. Use 180-grit sandpaper to sanding all over, slightly round edges and corners for a professional finish.
  15. Tap the wooden caps on the countersunk head screws.
  16. Spray completely with furniture oil and wipe the excess with a clean cloth.
  17. Add the potted plant!

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