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How to make the McAffogato, the hack of McDonald’s most elegant menu

Photo: Allison Shoemaker, John Dominis (Getty Images)

It is one of the greatest joys of life to be useful. To perform a service. To fulfill one's duty. To know the moment when you, exactly you, must march in the world to achieve something for the improvement of all. Reader, I was allowed to try that exact joy today. I walked up to a McDonald's near my house, and I ordered Affogato menu, for journalism.

ICYMI: yesterday we shared the story of a Twitter account called UKCopHumour that is documenting a bit of passing fashion: that of British police officers (and, you know, someone else who wants it) ordering a McDonald's shake and a McDonald's coffee shot espresso and use them to make a McAffogato. This account is not the first to use the term, although it is certainly the most enthusiastic, and while McD's not defined a McAffogato, he shared a slightly modified version of this idea in January 2017.

Naturally, we wanted to try it, and I offered myself with enthusiasm.

The most amazing element of this story, at least between The Takeout personal, it was the revelation that it is possible, in fact, to order a dose of espresso from McDonald's. This may have been a single deadlock for us, but none of us had ever seen or heard of anyone ordering shots of McCafé espresso. It can not be that unusual, because no one batted an eyelid when I made my order. The same can not be said to order a McAffogato, however: the Birmingham Mail he suggested that this concoction was in fact a secret menu item, but I can confirm that, at least in the United States, it is absolutely not. They did not know what I meant; they had never heard of such a thing; no one had ever ordered; there was nothing in their P.O.S. system that indicated its existence.

So, taking a cue from UKCopHumour and McDonald's, I ordered two shots of espresso, a small vanilla shake and an ice cream without sauce.

Photo: Allison Shoemaker

A couple of things: I asked for a vanilla shake with the room at the top, and instead came covered with whipped cream, so I would have been more specific or would be content to sip the milkshake alone. I ended up digging the top of both the smoothie and the ice cream cup to make room for espresso and to make it easier to mix, and I think that was the right call. Also, two cups of espresso have arrived in a cup, not a big deal, but if you order more than one person and then split the ways or something, I'd make it really clear.

I poured, tasted, mixed a little, tasted again, and then grabbed a straw (for the shock).

First up, the ice cream. This was good, and it was definitely the nicest of the two, if it's a priority for you. The first bites were tasty. McDonald's ice cream is So sweet and not remotely complex, so the espresso really revived it. However, it is also quite thick, and the relationship between ice cream and espresso is not exceptional, so the taste of espresso has not stopped.

Very expressed at the top, not so much everywhere
Photo: Allison Shoemaker

The same can not be said of the shake-based McAffogato. That Twitter account is right-this shit is good. It's basically a do-it-yourself coffee milkshake that will still shake you up. Once mixed a little, a sack of espresso ended at the bottom of the cup, yet it was still well blended. This meant that drinking through a straw was an extra espresso-y, while eating it with a spoon was a much milder (although still more powerful than the cup version) experience.

The espresso alone was not exceptional, but not terribly terrible either.

There's no way I can make these a part of my life consistently, but it's a bit perfect for a trip or another circumstance where you need a little bit of it. ; of caffeine but you can not bear to drink another terrible coffee from the gas station. It's also the best McDonald's milkshake I've had in a while, so if you want a milkshake and only the gold bows are in sight, I highly recommend you try it.

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