Thursday , May 6 2021

How to make your Instagram feed less trashy

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I would like to have time to hit the books every day, but unfortunately it will not happen. I felt guilty when I realized that the time spent on Instagram could be dedicated to the time spent learning, so I filled my feed with accounts that would help me learn. I loved my French lessons in college, but I rarely opened my old textbooks. Now I follow half a dozen French vocabulary accounts. Accounts frequently share vocabs, idioms and phrases that are useful to know and every time one opens in my feed, I stop for a second to review it. Choose a language, any language and you will surely find many accounts that will help you learn it. I recently reflected on how I wanted to take more lessons in art history at the university, so I decided to follow artsy, of which blogs and podcasts I like very much when I want to know more about the history of art and about what is happening in the world of art. Their Instagram account is not as thorough as their other platforms, but it's still a great way to get exposed to the art. SOTHEBY & # 39; S It could be where the rich and famous go to buy art and antiques, but I like to follow their account for all the interesting facts they share on the art works featured in their auctions. And when I'm ready to curl up with a good book, I always check to see what Girls at the library they are currently recommending

Instagram gets a lot of attention, and some of the criticisms are very clear, but at the end of the day it depends on how you use it. I hope you can make Instagram work for you with these tips!

Jacqueline DeMarco is a freelance writer and marketing consultant based in Orange County, California. He loves working with publications and lifestyle brands to create engaging, educational and fun content. Outside of her work, Jacqueline is passionate about animal rights, travel and reading memories written by women.

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