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How to properly combine pantyhose with shoes and clothes

The first tights have appeared, in the way we are used to seeing them, in the United States in the years & # 60; This invention coincided with the beginning of the miniskirt trend. Prior to this, the girls had to wear stockings and short dresses used to show off their garter belts. Today, tights are an essential element of a wardrobe, but designers, bloggers and simple users continue to discuss how to wear them correctly and even wear them.

It could be noted that models and mannequins in clothing stores often show clothes without pantyhose. And very often the inhabitants of the colder regions have to choose a pair of suitable tights, without directions from shops or catwalks.

we of The positive side we decided to understand the rules for matching the tights with our clothes and if there are any no-no we have to look at them when wearing them.

There are very few limits with tights today because the rules of fashion change every season, which means you can courageously experiment. But in order to appear neat and tidy, you should know some of the nuances, regularities and taboos of fashion.

You should consider several factors when choosing pantyhose:

  • the appropriate environment and style of clothing (office work, formal or informal party, a walk in the city, etc.);
  • your age;
  • fashion trends and your personal tastes;
  • weather.

Common rules

Despite the age of experimenting with clothes, it is best to stick to this rule: the more dense the tights are, the more dense the clothes are and the more massive the shoes should be. Combine cotton and synthetic materials with pantyhose at a density of up to 40 deniers. Pantyhose up to 20 deniers are considered thin and up to 40 deniers are considered demi-seasonal. Thicker and warmer options will look good with skirts and dresses made from knitwear, wool or denim. But keep in mind that thick tights do not go well with work clothes.

Do not try to save on the quality of your tights. The cheap products are torn and stretched easily, creating unattractive folds. In addition, the color on cheap and thin tights is often distributed unevenly.

Never wear very tanned socks or tights that are shiny.

Do not forget the weather outside. If it's hot, you do not need to wear pantyhose. If you do not feel comfortable wearing miniskirts and midi without skirt, choose pants or long skirts.

The transparent pantyhose will do nothing for you in the colder seasons and you could catch a cold. If you plan to stay out for no more than a couple of minutes (like running from home to car and from the car to the office), then you can afford to wear light socks like 20 deniers. And, if it is sunny and warm at the beginning of autumn or at the end of spring, do not wear black stockings.

Never wear pantyhose with socks above them. The only situation where you can do it is to put the socks over your socks to keep you warm when you wear the boots and when these socks will not be visible.

White tights it could often be seen in fashion shows, but in everyday life it is difficult to match them with other clothes. Many people associate white tights with baby clothes.

Combining pantyhose with shoes

Strange as it may seem, pantyhose and open shoes are not taboo. The main thing is to follow different rules:

  • The footwear should have high heels.
  • Tights should not be nude.
  • Reinforced seams or fingers should not be visible.
  • Tights should not be too transparent; but the pantyhose & # 39; winter & # 39; warmer will not work either.

When you combine summer shoes and open stockings, you can create an informal-grunge look or, on the contrary, an evening dress for a cocktail party. Furthermore, they do not necessarily have to be identical in color.

The tights of any density are not recommended for use with light shoes without heels, like flat shoes, sandals, moccasins, etc. However, more and more fashionists say "yes" to the combination of tights with sneakers and other sports shoes. As a result, they get a modern and casual appearance. Dense tights are also good with closed toe shoes such as ankle boots, autumn boots and winter boots.

One rule that has been followed for a long time is that shoes should be darker than stockings. But today brave and courageous designers ignore this rule and fashion lovers follow their example. But still, sometimes they should consider the color scheme because pantyhose and shoes in some colors can make you look weird. C & # 39; is an 'exception – Black tights and black shoes make a good combination and visually elongated legs.

Basic colors

Fashion bloggers and stylists have long argued that nude tights should be worn. Many girls will agree that a nude color is the perfect option for the office. The main thing to remember is that transparent tights should create the illusion that there is nothing on the legs. The tights of all the other colors are meant to show that your legs are not naked. That's why instead of sparkling tights, opt for opaque shades that best match the color of your skin. Before buying a new pair, check the photos on the manufacturer's packaging and on the website or use the color charts. Also, it is better not to wear pantyhose nude colors everywhere, except for the office or business meetings.

Black tights can make the right or wrong statement. On the one hand, they look universal and match almost all your clothes. On the other hand, they can stand out in combination with a light dress and make all your look aggressive. Dense black tights will complete your daily style, while thin black nylon can ruin your appearance at a business meeting or a celebratory event.

Instead of the black ones, choose more interesting but not flashy colors for your office dress code: graphite, anthracite (the color of wet asphalt) or moka. They can be combined with both dark and light clothes. Thin tights do not overhang the appearance and it will be evident that your legs are not naked.

Colorful and "fantasy" tights

Colored tights always add an informal touch to the look, so consider the situation for which you are choosing a dress. It can be quite difficult to correctly combine colored tights with other clothes. If you have doubts about your decision, follow this simple rule: do not use more than 3-4 colors, combine cool shades with cool shades and warm tones with warm ones.

It is best to stay away from buying nude socks with patterns. In fact, the model along the legs creates an impression that your legs are covered in bruises and scratches. However, pantyhose with imitation tattoos that have appeared recently seem really cool if you choose a model in the right proportions.

so-called Pantyhose & # 39; fantasy & # 39; – pantyhose with images and ornaments – should be combined with one-tone dresses. The perfect option for a print is polka dot: it's beautiful and not too flashy.

Tights in mesh or with a seam from behind are there to create really elegant looks. Never wear them with miniskirts, open dresses or open or solid shoes.

Tights and length of a skirt

Wearing thin tights with a miniskirt and a short jacket in a cold climate seems very sad. People will not be impressed by your ability to resist cold, but on the contrary, they start worrying about your health. Combine tights and short skirts with a long coat in the cold seasons and wear a long cardigan when you are inside a building. Good news: multilayer clothes are still fashionable.

Which pantyhose do you prefer? Do you have a personal fashion taboo on how to properly combine pantyhose with clothes and shoes? Please tell us in the comments!

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