Thursday , May 6 2021

How to quickly see images imported into Lightroom Classic

I returned from my travel photography seminar in Rome (a fantastic group of people – we had so much fun, I lost a lot of blog posts during [sorry ’bout that]), but happy to come back and back in the saddle. Here we are:

Above: To see thumbnails of your RAW images as quickly as possible in Lightroom Classic (and maybe even your standard-sized images, depending on the make and model of your camera and how big a preview they incorporate into their RAW images) in Lightroom Classic, it's quite easy – just choose & # 39; Embedded & Sidecar & # 39; (as shown here). This tells Lightroom to simply capture the JPEG image embedded in your RAW image from the camera, and while it is a JPEG thumbnail, and not the most accurate color, it's fast.

Above: If you double-click on one of these thumbnails when it is displayed for the first time, you may see a message in the lower right corner that lets you know that you are viewing the & # 39; Embedded Preview & # 39; (the quick JPEG preview from the RAW photo). This is making you realize that you are not seeing the true color of the original RAW.

Above: If you click directly on thatBuilt-in preview & # 39; message, makes the RAW preview (so it may take only a moment or two), and when that message disappears, you are seeing the RAW image (and you can see the color difference between this RAW image and the JPEG preview in the previous image).

Above: This is not really part of the miniature tutorial, but the color is so out of it that it's driving me crazy, so I switched to the development module; grabbed the white balance selection tool and clicked on something light gray (the wall on the right), and the color looks a lot better!).

I hope you found it useful.

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