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How to roast frozen butternut squash

If I do not distract from the pan, I could eat a whole tray of toasted pumpkin just removed from the oven. It's not just my favorite vegetable, it's my favorite vegetable, the period. This is because when roasted, the white pumpkin cubes take on a deliciously sweet flavor with super-crunchy edges and a tender and creamy center.

If you start with a whole pumpkin, these delicious cubes are priced. First, you have to peel the vegetables in the form of clumsy without slicing your finger on the peeler or having the slippery pumpkin roll off the chopping board. So you have to sow and try to cut it into pieces of equal size so that they cook evenly. Only in this way can you go ahead with roasting.

But we have a shortcut, so you can be noshing on squash in just 25 minutes. Here's how to do it.

Starting from Frozen Butternut Squash cuts out all the prep

I thought that all the frozen vegetables were destined to microwaves or to a pot of boiling water, resulting in a tasteless and water-impregnated outline. After all, those are still the two types of cooking instructions listed on most frozen vegetable bags. But I'm not afraid of becoming a thief.

Drawing inspiration from our irresistible frozen broccoli in the oven, I knew I could get the same results with the frozen pumpkin. Because the frozen pumpkin is already peeled and cut for you, all you have to do is season it and throw it into the oven, eliminating at least 20 minutes of work. Honestly, it convinced me to go straight to the freezer corridor every time I cook the squash.

3 tips for the best roasted frozen toasted pumpkin

1. Preheat the pan: Leaving the pan warm while the oven heats up means that as soon as you add the pumpkin, the ice evaporates and the pumpkin starts to turn brown and crisp. Make sure the pieces are arranged in a single layer (you want to be sure to separate the pieces that are frozen together) and roasting them over high heat ensures the pumpkin crisps instead of the vapors.

2. Do not skimp on oil and salt: A couple of tablespoons of olive oil is enough to create a smooth coating on each piece of pumpkin without letting it drip into the puddles of it. The oil helps the pumpkin to take color and adds a rich flavor. And speaking of flavor, give the squish a nice pinch of generous salt – it will help you bring out its natural sweetness.

3. Roast on the lower oven rack: To get that wonderful caramelized sear on the pumpkin, you have to roast it in the hottest part of the oven, which is on the lower rack. While roasting, the pumpkin will form a crispy crust, facilitating the sliding of a spatula underneath and rotating it gently halfway through cooking so that the other sides of the pumpkin can turn.

How to roast frozen butternut squash

Servi 3 to 4

Preparation time: 5 minutes ; cooking time: 20 minutes

What you need


  • 1 (16 ounces) bag

    iced butternut pumpkin (about 4 cups, do not defrost)

  • 2 tablespoons

    olive oil

  • 1 teaspoon

    kosher salt

  • Freshly ground black pepper

  • equipment
  • Medium bowl

  • Baked baking tray


  1. Preheat the oven and the pan to 450 ° F. Place a grill in the lowest cooking position and heat the oven to 450 ° F. Place an oven tray edged in the oven to preheat.

  2. Season the pumpkin. Put the pumpkin in a medium bowl, breaking all the pieces that are frozen together. Add the olive oil, salt, and grind the black pepper and mix until the pumpkin pieces are spread evenly.

  3. Transfer the pumpkin onto the baking pan. Remove the preheated baking pan from the oven and carefully pour the pumpkin onto it. Place the pumpkin in a uniform layer (this prevents steam).

  4. Roast the pumpkin Roast until the pumpkin is tender and crisp in some places, stirring gently halfway to ensure uniform cooking, 18 to 20 minutes in total.

Notes on the recipe

Storage: Leftovers can be refrigerated in an airtight container for up to 5 days.

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