Wednesday , July 28 2021

How to start contributing to open source as a junior or newbie?

What are the open source projects to which juniors can contribute?

Please share some projects of which you know that they are open to junior contributions / pull requests. And maybe I'm just too careful. If Wikipedia and Stack Overflow are a measure of open source experience, I get the feeling that if someone can do it better or has already asked a question, you should let it. Then there is my previous work experience that showed me that writing a new code is for the elderly, and maintaining or correcting the code is for the jolens. In fact, perhaps these hierarchies should not exist and are not applicable on GitHub, but I have no idea how much space there is to be done.

I would like to start contributing to projects on Github outside of mine and receive feedback. I'm not worried about looking stupid or being told that I'm wrong, but above all of annoying a community because someone keeps sending bad code and wasting time correcting it. Sometimes the existing code in the repos is too complicated to understand or add.

Perhaps providing a sample code and a doc for libraries is a start?

Let me know how you started and what you did to feel more comfortable adding external projects! is the place where software developers stay in the circuit and avoid career stagnation.
Registering (for free!) Is the first step.

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