Monday , June 21 2021

How to start writing – DEV Community ????

First of all, I would like to share something about myself that I started writing from 5 April 2018, in and Medium until now I have earned 3973 followers in and my monthly views in the middle are 23k.

Everything is already in front of you just create an account in and start writing from today no longer think about your grammar or your mistakes.

"Those who only do what they feel … do not do much.To be successful in anything you must act even when you do not want to, knowing that the action itself will produce the motivation you need to follow." -Hal Elrod

At the time when I started writing my grammar it's not good, but I never think about it because every skill we want to learn can take time. It is right to make mistakes without making mistakes that we can not cultivate, so do not stop writing if someone criticizes you.

"You can not be an important presence and can change the lives of some people without being a joke and an embarrassment for others.
"- Mark Manson

Do not think more about what others say. If you do not have control over what you're doing, people besides you can control your brain because you're always afraid of doing new things or trying things.

The only way to be better at writing is to write every day to choose a topic and start writing. Do not compare your writing with other people because everyone has their own voice so do not be someone else to be yourself.

Sarasoueidan is a UI / UX freelance front-end developer who has said to write.

"I even uninstalled Google Analytics because I was not interested in checking visitor numbers or bounce rates or anything else: my blog is there and I will publish the content, whether someone reads it or not."

without making mistakes you never know what's right. is the place where software developers stay in the circuit and avoid career stagnation.
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