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How to survive the dark night of the soul: collective evolution

  • The facts:

    I received a sincere e-mail from a reader who captures the feeling of despair that some people who are awakening experience in front of the global traffic of children. I felt it would be useful to address it in an article that everyone had to consider.

  • Think about:

    What is the role of each individual in the awakening of humanity in the reality of things such as trafficking in children? Is it possible that our mental state on it has an impact on how effective we are in facilitating this awakening?

On this occasion of my 100th article on Collective Evolution since I started in April, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank my readers for their e-mails of inquiry, comments, encouragement and appreciation. Although it is becoming difficult, I still try to respond personally to each one, because I have gained a lot of intuition and inspiration from them. Furthermore, I believe that the work of building the community, which is a mandate of collective Evolution in which I strongly believe, manifests itself mainly as a result of the quality of our interactions one against the other.

I happened to receive an email from a reader a few days ago, and I immediately perceived that it was raising a relevant point for many people in the revival community. I asked her if I could publish her e-mail and my reply to it in an article, which would give me time to answer her question thoroughly. He kindly accepted, so here it is.

Re: your article on the trafficking of minors


Great article I am an awakened single mother of three daughters who immigrated from Eastern Europe. I had this awareness of the torture and the extent of this terrible problem of child trafficking when most people were sleeping soundly. I was reading Kevin Annett's website and listening to him explaining the atrocities in residential schools in Canada. Murder and abuse of indigenous peoples originally as early as 1960 and crown of England plus the involvement of pope.

Since I knew, I have difficulty. The feeling is not unbeliever. I went through the rage a long time ago. I know it's true and the only problem I have is what I can do as I can to help. As an immigrant I do not have any network of people to connect with, or form some group. I think Richard's problem is that we are missing and isolated. People at work and family do not want to hear about it. They are not ready to hear about this. Making them listen is not productive. They are deeply asleep or in denial. They get angry when they're raised, they do not believe it's true.

I'd like to do something. I have such a feeling of wanting to help those children, protect them … but I do not see any way of knowing how. Working in organizations that are infiltrated is useless.

So what do you suggest for us to do people? We go to work. We take care of the family barely making ends meet. How can we break this network ??? I struggle with this. None of the people I know could believe or even want to listen. And you can not force information on people. Especially those people in my job who have no idea …

I feel so useless that I can not do something about it. I think there are more people like me. People who know but are completely alone in that knowledge. This makes it difficult. There are groups and communities and truthers like David Wilcock and others … but people like me have no money to go to conferences and participate in these movements.

I'm just telling you that there's a tremendous willingness to help this but also a huge inertia caused by the isolation of the majority of people like me … We hear from people like you or others who are from us people. We are the people. The problem is that we are dispersed and not united. We have no tools.

Thank you for your article I wish you the best,


My answer

Dear Bogna,

Thank you for so eloquently expressing the desperation that I believe is felt by many people who awaken to the reality of trafficking in children. This awakening has led to our collective understanding that trafficking in children is not the result of scattered efforts by individual groups of profiteers, but it is a highly organized network that comes from the highest spheres of our authority and is coordinated with other evil programs such as gun and drug trafficking, organ harvesting, environmental upheavals, huge financial fraud, genocide and the like.

I have been struggling for the last few decades on the question of what to do if we see situations in the world that clearly have to change if we, as collective, survive and prosper. The struggle in my mind was between two ends of the spectrum, each of which I thought had some validity:

  • Should we fight the fire with fire? Should we protest against injustice, join the movements and be active in giving voice to our opposition? Do you ask our government to act or circumvent them altogether and exercise civil disobedience?
  • Or should we let go and accept things as they are? Retreat into our lives and do the best we can for our loved ones? Focus on the spiritual realm, meditate on peace and expand our consciousness?

It was only when I finally saw that there was a higher synthesis of these two polarities that I felt I had found the satisfactory answer to my question. And I was so excited about this answer that I dramatized it in a first person multimedia work called "Action", which I played last November. I will try to outline the conclusions I have reached.

The spiritual kingdom. Based on my spiritual beliefs, which have their roots in many of our great spiritual traditions, I see the physical world as Maya, the "illusion" and we understand that we are truly spiritual beings who have a physical experience.

I believe we all chose to come here right now, we chose the family we were born in and the circumstances of our lives, to live the conditions that would be optimal for the growth of our soul. We enter this physical "game" for the joy of physical experience and for the purpose of growing and expanding our individual and collective consciousness through experience. As I mentioned Hidden-Hand in my last article by Lucifer,

Remember that in the end, this is a game, we are all playing here. We are actors, playing on the "stage of life". This "world" is all illusion, or "form itself". Nobody really "dies" and no one is really hurt. You know very well between incarnations. But the rules of the game ensure that you have to forget who you really are, so that you believe it's all real & # 39; while you are playing the game of Life. This is an essential prerequisite when making choices. Otherwise, the game would be too easy.

The material realm. That said, we came here to play, with every ounce of care and conviction we have. For all intents and purposes, we are it meant to treat this as real and act accordingly. We are warned not to use our spiritual beliefs as an excuse to avoid or withdraw from the life experiences we have come here to have. People who are called to act bravely when a given situation demands it can sometimes use their spiritual beliefs to try to rationalize their cowardice or their complicity with wrong actions.

This is not why we are here, and this is not the appropriate use of spiritual knowledge. Each act is an act of self-definition. With everything we do we are illustrating who we are as a species. The commission of acts that we know to be wrong in this relative plan of existence, the condonation of such acts, or even turn a blind eye on them all, serve to limit who we are as a collective and influences our ability to truly create the world we want for ourselves.

How this refers to the trafficking of children. This is how it all refers to the trafficking of children and all the other horrors our community is awakening. The first thing is that we can not be prisoners of our history. We must reconcile our knowledge of the amount of suffering and harm that has been inflicted on our children in the past. We must accept the past to be truly effective in the present.

Here is where a higher spiritual perception can be useful: it gives us the understanding that all the children who have suffered in the past have come to Earth by choice, and now that they are in the higher realms they are not suffering. They played a role in the game and now they are safe and happy out of the game.

When we feel a sense of despair, it is because we have not reconciled the past and we believe that what has happened in the past is destined to continue in the future. In this way, our desperation, on an energetic level, actually keeps things as they were in the pastwhich we obviously do not want. We must feel hope if we want to be a positive force for change.

So we must overcome this despair and replace it with Intention. We, as individuals in the revival community, who want to end the suffering and trauma of the trafficking of children in the world, we must support the Intention that humanity will end the trafficking of children. So, instead of despair, we not only have hope, but we begin to emanate the kind of energy that drives change. This energy is the source of what manifests itself in the world, and if we focus this energy with an intention, then naturally the collective consciousness changes. The unconscious people will then automatically start thinking in a new way.

For the specific points that those around us sleep, that the awakened ones are missing and unable to stimulate any kind of force that can do well, I would say this: be the light. If you have awareness but are in a state of despair, the light of your awareness does not shine, the power of your energy does not open the minds of those around you. Once you release despair and focus on the intention of ending child trafficking, you may be surprised that suddenly you start to attract like-minded people in conversations, or that some of the people who they rejected these claims in the past by suddenly opening their minds and showing an interest.

You did not come into this life to be upset by the fact that you have no way of doing what you think needs to be done. You came here in this life to work in your circumstances. If this means being a single working mother with three children, then this is the context you had to work out. If it is impossible for you to join other awakened and kindred beings, then it is not what you came here to do. Your awakening has caused a change in the collective consciousness. Now, in the stillness of your mind, free from distraction and fear, your inner voice will let you know what your role is in the circumstances. If you are able to let go of any attachment to the suffering of children in the past, and then let go of despair, you will begin to see some magical synchronicity in your life resulting from the powerful energy of your intention.

We will finish the children's trafficking, Bogna. Please join me in that intention.

Watch out,


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