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How to take the last trip to France with the Pittsburgh fry

Considering two of Pittsburgh's most iconic dishes (the "Pittsburgh Salad" and the Primanti Brothers sandwich) are topped with French fries, it would be fair to call Pittsburgh a French frying town.

And while we have no complaints with the McDonald's chips or Five Guys (what's good is good!), We also know that Pittsburgh has some world-class frying establishments in almost every neighborhood in the city. For your nibbling pleasure, we have grouped nine of our favorite fry around the city for the "Ultimate Pittsburgh French Fry Road Trip".

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How to take the last trip to France with the Pittsburgh fry:

Stop 1: Point Brugge / Park Bruges / Brugge to the north

Photo: Park Bruges

Point Breeze / Highland Park / Northside
There are a few dishes in Pittsburgh that are quite vicious like the Moules Frites in all the restaurants in Brugge. Served with a pound and a half of salty mussels, these chips are perfect for turning in the advanced sauce at the bottom of the bowl. Every town in Brugge serves a different selection of mussels sauces, but our favorites include: classic white wine, red curry and ham. These chips are also delicious with a side of creamy mayonnaise. Post scriptum Do not leave a Brugge restaurant without ordering a slice of their famous chocolate cake!

Online addresses

Stop 2: Six s Pax and Dogz

Photo: D & # 39; s Six Pax & Dogz

Regent Square
In addition to the hot dog condiments and the thousands of beers, the Six Pax and Dogz of Regent Square are famous for their "handfuls" of fries. When you only want a few crispy chips, D s can hook you with a "handful" for just $ 1.50. While they are delicious in solid colors, you can also pair D 'chips with products like cheese, chilli, bacon, ranch and avocado.

D & # 39; s Six Pax and Dogz (1118 S Braddock Ave)

Stop 3: BRGR

Photo: BRGR – Pittsburgh

East Liberty / Downtown / South Hills
It's hard to think of fries in Pittsburgh without imagining the crispy fries and the cheese wizard of BRGR. These chips are available with a variety of toppings, including their famous parmesan and herbal rubs, and the highly addictive truffle cheese wizard. Coupled with one of the decadent BRGR smoothies and hearty burgers, this is a perfect Pittsburgh meal.

BRGR (Multiple Locations)

Stop 4: Butterjoint

Photo: Butterjoint

Butterjoint duck butter fries are one of the most secret secrets of Pittsburgh. Fry's fans all over the city know that when you crave a forgiving group of fries, there's no place like Butterjoint. These shimmering fats of duck fat are always served with a side of homemade hay. We recommend pairing them with a "Fancy Burger" and a stiff cocktail from the phenomenal Butterjoint drinks menu.

Legume / Butterjoint (214 N Craig St)

Stop 5: Primanti Brothers

Photo: Primanti Bros.

The Strip District
One can not mention French Fries in Pittsburgh without a nod to the most famous sandwich shop in the city, Primanti Brothers. While Primantis offers a decidedly no-frills frying experience (no truffle or duck magician here), it can not be denied that Primanti's fries helped to put Pittsburgh on the map. Do not worry really ordination Primantis fries – come on top (and on the side) of everything on the menu.

Primanti Brothers (Multiple Locations)

Stop 6: Kaya

Photo: Kaya

The Strip District
We are quite convinced that Kaya has deciphered the code on the perfect frying of sweet potatoes. If paired with their Yucatan Hot Bean Dip or the crispy Cuban sandwich, there is no doubt that these are some of Pittsburgh's best fries. Stop during the happy hour (4:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. from monday to friday) to enjoy the fries with a cocktail or a glass of wine.

Kaya (2000 Smallman St)

Stop 7: Pub Chip Shop

Photo: Pub Chip Shop

South side
Do not call them fries – call them fiche! Since The Pub Chip Shop opened in 2013, this British-style chip shop has been the benchmark in Pittsburgh for English classics like fish & # 39; n & # 39; chips, baps, pies and cakes. With over half a dozen dipping sauces, there's plenty of options to pair with the freshly fried crispy fries. The shop opens at 6:00 am A.M. every week, and it's perfect for the early morning crowd. They also host the "Just Good Donuts" pop-up donut shop every morning from 6am A.M. until the donuts finish!

Pub Chip Shop (1830 E Carson St)

Stop 8: Wingharts

Photo: Wingharts

Downtown / South Side
Regular customers of Wingharts swear on restaurant chips. While they are known for their wings, burgers and whiskey, Wingharts also has rather legendary fries. Coverage options include:
Loaded baked potato, white truffle aioli, dude ranch, mojo and cajun condiment. Even ordered in a simple way, these chips satisfy any desire to fry.

Wingharts (more locations)

Stop 9: The Potato Patch

Photo: Kennywood Park

Kennywood (West Mifflin)
Second only to the Primanti Brothers, the Kennywood Patch Potato chips are without a doubt some of Pittsburgh's most famous fries. For many people, the summer does not really start until you're in Kennywood park, devouring a mountain of fries covered with nacho cheese and bits of bacon. The Potato Patch potato line is comparable to many of the rides, so no matter the time of year, be prepared to wait for your chips. (It's worth it!)

Kennywood Park (4800 Kennywood Blvd)

Did we forget your favorite French Fry spot? Do not worry! Leave it in the comments below.

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