Thursday , July 29 2021

How to treat people

"This fascinating and learned book leads us through the lovely relationship of a woman with her father, interspersed with moving and touching stories from the nurse's world, while these two worlds are moving toward an emotional collision. more than convincing that the NHS is our most precious asset will find it many times in the pages of this book & # 39; Jo Brand

As a teenager, Molly Case is hospitalized for an operation that will save her life. Almost a decade later, he finds himself again in the operating room, this time as a trainee nurse. In How to treat people, Molly brings together extraordinary moments in which the professional and the staff become inseparable. He presents us with the patients with whom we share the pain, the fear but also the positive moments of the disease. And when her father arrives in the high-dependency unit of the hospital where Molly works, we realize, more profoundly, that she is no longer there just to alleviate the patient's suffering but becomes part of it.

In healing a wound in the leg, in the newly sewn heart valves and in the last breaths of a person, Molly Case illustrates the complexities of the human condition and what really matters to us when we are in the most vulnerable part. Intertwining medical history, art, memories and science, How to treat people explore the oscillating rhythms of life and death, the importance of what we impart and the legacies we leave behind.

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